2007 Maybach 62

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When you say Maybach, you surely say luxury. Maybach 62 it is an ultra-tech German super car and it looks like a megabuck, although is not that cheap. Maybach 62 is not so long as Maybach 57 and it’s powered as before by a 5.5 liter turbo V12 engine and it is equipped with every luxury gadget known to man.

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2007 Maybach 62 Characteristics:
-Engine: 5.5L V12
-Transmissions: 5 Speed Semi Automatic
-Body Styles: 4 Door Sedan
-Drive trains: Rear Wheel Drive
-Pricing Info: Base price: $389,250 – $428,750

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    September 12, 2007 @ 6:16 pm

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