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Tuning for Mercedes

Relevance Score: 1.430    2007-11-27 20:28:11

I love to see a Mercedes-Benz, but I prefer to see one after it was modified by a tuning firm. So, for this I have a question: What company you should use to create a perfect tuned Mercedes-Benz? This article is comparing three big names in tuning area: AMG, Brabus and ...

The New Audi A4-(GALLERY)

Relevance Score: 1.414    2011-11-16 16:54:34

Being in its eighth generation, Audi’s A4 has been the German auto manufacturer’s best seller for 39 years. The A4 has been updated with reused sheet metal and powertrains to keep it at the forefront of the entry level luxury car arena.   As far as the design is concerned, a more ...

Ferrari 360 Modena by J.N. Hephaiss

Relevance Score: 1.408    2007-09-06 18:31:29

J.N. Hephaiss modified the 350 Modena Ferrari, by putting some aerodynamic elements, intensive tested in the aerodynamic tunnel. Not only the exterior is changed, and also he changes the evacuation system to obtain a sound that will attract anyone who knows what the sound means. Just look at it and ...

Avalon Touring by Street Image

Relevance Score: 1.388    2007-10-09 13:56:23

Toyota Avalon was modified by Street Image, an impressive tuning firm. Is not only the exterior, that we all can see very well, is also the interior, or better said the performance. Street Image mounted on this Toyota Avalon a kit twin turbo and another suspension. Impressive Toyota tuning. Avalon Touring ...

BMW a live legend - Part 7

Relevance Score: 1.384    2007-01-04 17:41:53

501/502: “Baroque angel” with 6 or 8 cylinders BMW, 501 Because of the lost of Eisenach factory, it was very hard for BMW to build a new start after the War. Only in 1951, BMW presented ...

Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS Concept

Relevance Score: 1.342    2007-12-28 18:47:43

The V12 Vantage RS concept is based on Aston Martin's critically acclaimed V8 Vantage coupe, but the company's design and engineering team have fully exploited the design flexibility of their unique VH architecture and the motor sport development of their 6.0 litre V12 engine to create a dramatic and production ...

Your first car

Relevance Score: 1.227    2007-07-09 14:00:07

If you had your first car, or if you intend to have your first car, this article is for you! Most of people develop a strong emotional attachment to their 1st car, one that endures long after that vehicle itself has floated off to the big scrap yard in the sky. ...

Brabus- a 225 mph Police car

Relevance Score: 1.161    2006-12-18 14:12:07

Brabus Rocket If you stay in a country and you have many fast roads, you surely need some good patrol cars. And, if the Italians have a 640bhp Lamborghini Murcielargo LP640, is the time now for ...

Top 5 Unique Ferrari

Relevance Score: 0.888    2007-07-06 14:50:53

digg_url = 'http://www.carsandtuning.org/top-5-unique-ferrari/'; From the beginning I want to specify that this article is about expensive Ferraris at huge prices. It is truth that if you want a unique Ferrari you have to pay for it, no? And we all know that for Ferrari is a lot of super rich fans ...

Vauxhall - your own supercar

Relevance Score: 0.832    2007-07-10 18:05:55

Supercar performances are very good and everybody wants them, but how do you achieve supercar performance on a real world budget? If you take a look at the Annual Performance Car of the Year review keenly and spend an considerable amount of time in advance of the test establishing exactly what ...

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