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Car Covers

Relevance Score: 1.694    2007-10-26 20:34:30

Let’s talk about car covers. I bet everyone is frustrated about washing their car over and over again. Sometimes a simple car cover would solve the problem. No dust on your car, no bird droppings and no scratches. I’ve recently found out about Car Cover World, a company that makes custom ...

BMW M5 CLR500 RS.Lumma like.

Relevance Score: 1.684    2007-03-22 21:25:59

The tuner made a simple project to boost up the M5's performance, looks and aerodynamics : the same V10 petrol engine which the car is equiped but the difference now is that the car has 560 BHP instead of 501 BHP, a sporty look body kit, the racing exhaust system ...

5 Million BMW 5 Series

Relevance Score: 1.672    2008-02-04 21:34:57

The Dingolfing factory had celebrated 5 million BMW 5 Series during 5 generations. All started in 1972, when BMW finalized new BMW headquarter: at Frankfurt Auto Show it was presented first generation of BMW 5 Series. First units were produced in Munich and in 1973’s autumn they were moved at ...

New Golf GTI Pirelli after 25 years

Relevance Score: 1.668    2008-04-15 20:59:24

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli is coming in our attention after 25 years of silence. The new model is based on GTI MkV platform and we can observe many improvements to the body and to its dynamics, being a powerful model. The car is propelled by a 2 liter T-FSI ...

First picture with the new Ford Ka

Relevance Score: 1.667    2008-08-05 20:42:39

First generation of Ka model was a small revolution in design time. Perfect forms combined with carefully drawn body attract any attention, and Ford had pulsed then with the first generation of Focus, drawn in the same way. Small Ka, promoted as a car extremely useful in the cities, but ...

1999 Ford Mustang Cobra

Relevance Score: 1.643    2006-10-20 22:15:23

With a completely new body style, the 1999 Cobra was amazing. It is for sure one amazing car!this vehicle is supposed to appeal to those consumers who are in the market for the performance and style of a BMW or Porsche. Ford Mustang Cobra Ford Mustang Cobra [tags]cars,Ford,Ford Mustan,BMW,Porche[/tags]

Citroen C3 Picasso- The Magic Box

Relevance Score: 1.617    2008-09-11 20:16:09

Citroen C3 Picasso will be presented at Paris Motor Show in 2009 and it seems that will offer more creativity than the previous model. The new model seems to impress by its innovative design and amazing technology. Citroen C3 Picasso has a pure and functional body styling which expresses its fundamental ...

BMW a live legend - Part 2

Relevance Score: 1.610    2006-11-14 22:40:17

First BMW produced in Berlin BMW engineers developed a new body for the car, fully made-it by steel, also based on a small Rosengart car produced under license in France. Rosengart Rosengart BMW was renting the Ambi-Bud factory building in Berlin and used that to produce the first berlin BMW. Starting with March, 1929 ...

Novitec Fiat Grande Punto X - One little mosquito

Relevance Score: 1.587    2008-12-15 11:44:56

It's almost usual to see that every tuner is going for expensive, promising powerful cars. There are few exceptions, as the Italian tuner Novitec Rosso choosed a moreover normal car, the new Fiat Grande Punto. The new Grande-Punto is also a handsome car with nice looks and a great tunind potential, ...

2007 Cadillac CTS-V

Relevance Score: 1.577    2007-07-06 15:43:00

Cadillac launches its new model CTS-V. 2007 Cadillac CTS-V characteristics: -Engine: 6.0 L V8 -Transmissions: 6 Speed Manual -Body Styles: 4 Door Sedan -Drive trains: Rear Wheel Drive -Pricing Info: MSRP: $ 51,425 Invoice Price: $ 47,054 ...

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