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It is official! Fiat 500 is The Winner

Relevance Score: 3.622    2007-11-20 08:52:19

The Italian press had good sources when they have announced few days ago that Fiat 500 is 2008 European Car. And now it is official, because Fiat 500 beat Mazda2 in the final and now it is The Car of the Year in Europe. The small 500 is the winner with ...

Nissan Terminator 350Z tuned up by Craig Lieberman

Relevance Score: 3.590    2007-03-29 19:35:37

Nissan Terminator 350Z This is a powerful and agressive version of the standard Nissan 350Z.This is an unique car built for Louis Ringe, a retiree from Temecula, California. New wheels are available, 19 inches HRE Wheels, Falken Tires and a VeilSide Version 3 body kit. Nissan Terminator 350Z Nissan ...

Top 5 Unlucky Car Names

Relevance Score: 3.583    2008-03-12 21:21:35

I know that most of you have met many of the cars I’ll describe in few words, but I guess you have never thought on them the way I’m about to talk. Well, you will be surprised to see that big car producers like: Mazda, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, etc. are named ...

Ferrari for Sultan of Brunei

Relevance Score: 3.451    2006-11-09 15:16:35

What you can see is a picture of a Ferrari made for the Sultan of Brunei. But I really think that this car looks like a combination between Lamborghini Diablo VT, Nissan 300z and Saturn SC2. Do you think the same? Ferrari for Sultan of Brunei Ferrari for Sultan of Brunei [tags]cars,Ferrari,Lamborghini Diablo,Nissan,Saturn,car ...

TOP 8 Cars of The Future

Relevance Score: 2.895    2007-12-20 18:26:20

Who doesn't want to take a look at the future? I surely do want to see how the future vehicle will look at. And names as: Toyota, Mercedes, Volkswagen, etc. will be transformed radically in brand new vehicles, vehicles that will fly, vehicles that will work on water, streets and ...

Nissan Concept Car: Anti Drunk-Driving Tech

Relevance Score: 2.895    2007-08-10 13:49:34

“Only 1 beer!” that was the answer of many people on question: “How much did you drink?”. Now, 1 beer is too much! Because you have the new Nissan Concept Car that can “smell” you if you drink! The car consists of a series of technologies that can detect the ...

Car keys

Relevance Score: 2.852    2007-09-07 12:40:22

I have never seen an article presenting car keys, so I’ve tried to make a collection with few car keys. I didn’t succeed to create a large car keys collection, but it is a start. I have pictures with car keys for: Ferrari, Bentley, Mini, BMW, etc. ...

Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Top 10 Concepts

Relevance Score: 2.776    2007-09-26 19:13:33

1. Citroen C5 Airscape Concept The French designer created C5 Airscape as a gorgeous cabriolet, that looks like a very expensive model and offer the taste of a future production car. Citroen C5 Airscape Concept 2. Suzuki Concept Kizashi Suzuki Kizashi concept is characterized by grace and dynamism and is powered by a 2.0 liter turbo-diesel ...

10 Wildest Concepts

Relevance Score: 2.746    2007-10-30 13:16:04

Every year, Tokyo Motor Show is the center of attention with brand new concepts and technologies. These year was the same. That's why, I've wanted to present you 10 Wildest Concepts. So, let's see them! Nissan Pivo2 First Pivo concept was introduced 2 years ago at the Tokyo Motor Show and it ...

Warranty Direct Survey-Honda

Relevance Score: 2.472    2012-01-02 14:40:06

According to a recent survey conducted by Warranty Direct, In the UK, it seems that Honda responsible for making vehicles that are the most pothole proof and therefore less susceptible to any damage that may be caused by potholes on the roads. Judging by the results of this survey, only 1.4 ...

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