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SEMA- photo gallery

Relevance Score: 6.937    2007-11-12 14:46:31

SEMA is the best U.S. Auto Show for tuning. On the end of every year, tuners around the world meet each other in Las Vegas to demonstrate how good they know to tune their cars and what improvements can bring. More than 100,000 tuning firms, from all continents shows their best and ...

US Sport Cars- Photo Gallery

Relevance Score: 5.667    2007-11-14 16:46:50

The American muscle car, a brand product seduces everybody, anytime. At the SEMA Tuning Show, Americans come with their best products in domain, muscle cars, a generic term for all American sport cars, reasonable, by price. What are the ingredients of a muscle car? The engine must be a V8, cc the higher, ...

Yellow or Orange?

Relevance Score: 5.104    2007-11-01 17:38:02

Let me see... What do you prefer? Yellow or Orange? Which one do you like better? These two beautiful Camaros were presented at SEMA Show 2007. I like them both, but it seems that many participants were betting about which one is going to be the winner, concerning the color dispute! I want ...

392 Hemi Dodge Challenger Super Stock

Relevance Score: 4.987    2006-12-18 10:42:09

Based on the concept that will appear on public roads, the Americans have developed a race version, named 392 Hemi Dodge Challenger Super Stock, presented at SEMA tuning show. With this Dodge, its creators ...

Hyundai Elantra Touring "Beach Cruiser" Concept

Relevance Score: 4.350    2007-10-29 18:00:52

Hyundai Motor America will expose at the SEMA- Hyundai Elantra Touring “Beach Cruiser” Concept, project which will be under K-Daddyz Kustomz California signature. Hyundai Elantra Touring "Beach Cruiser" Concept features: - leather interior in 2 colors, realized by Classic Soft Trim; - Infinity audio system; - Titanium video system; - Two color paint: amazing grape and tango orange; - Airbrush ...

Volkswagen R GTI- News

Relevance Score: 4.107    2006-11-02 18:33:09

At the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas on October 31st was revealed the new Volkswagen R GTI. To get where it is today, Volkswagen had passed few tests over the years. Volkswagen R GTI- News Volkswagen R GTI has a big engine and it’s offering ...

Scion Dalek xD

Relevance Score: 3.774    2007-11-05 14:59:56

At 2007 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) were presented 9 special Toyota Scion models, in Las Vegas. One of these 9 models was Scion Dalek xD. Let's see its characteristics: Scion Dalek xD Exterior • JG gunmetal gray exterior paint • Black front bumper paint accents • Black-chrome finished Scion emblems • Five Axis lip ...

Exotic cars vs. Old Cars

Relevance Score: 3.125    2007-07-26 13:19:11

Great pictures which makes the difference between old and exotic cars! [tags]cars,old cars,car videos[/tags]

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars

Relevance Score: 3.036    2007-08-17 11:35:27

Watch the video and you will see top 10 with the most expensive cars in the World! [tags]cars,top 10,top cars,expensive cars,car videos[/tags]

Car Covers

Relevance Score: 2.853    2007-10-26 20:34:30

Let’s talk about car covers. I bet everyone is frustrated about washing their car over and over again. Sometimes a simple car cover would solve the problem. No dust on your car, no bird droppings and no scratches. I’ve recently found out about Car Cover World, a company that makes custom ...

Westside Cars

Relevance Score: 2.843    2007-09-05 21:26:51

In the video you can see an interview with the guys from Westside Cars, which imports US muscle cars and other beauties to Germany. Their cars pulls out the most incredible sound that a car can give. Don't you love that sound? I surely do! Westside Cars [tags]cars,Westside cars,interview,Germany,tuning,car tuning,sound,car videos[/tags]

Car Resources

Relevance Score: 2.832    2007-01-25 19:50:33

Resources for car tuning and tuned cars and just cars. 1. Check this blog , a database with the fastest cars, exotic and super cars.

SF Cars

Relevance Score: 2.830    2007-07-26 12:32:21

Interesting video presenting some SF models, cars from the future. [tags]cars,car videos,future cars[/tags]

Cool cars video compilation

Relevance Score: 2.828    2007-08-27 13:01:30

Supercars, sport cars, cool cars video. Cool cars video compilation [tags]cars,sport cars,cool,car videos[/tags]

Expensive cars

Relevance Score: 2.798    2007-09-12 18:47:33

Video collage with few of the most expensive cars in the world. Expensive cars video [tags]cars,car videos,collage,expensive,expensive cars,world[/tags]

100 Best Cars

Relevance Score: 2.768    2007-09-07 15:11:22

The video is called “100 Best Cars” but I wasn’t that curious to stay and actually count them. I admit there are a lot of cars and there were the most actual powerful cars, like: Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and the list can easily to continue. Enjoy a good video ...

BMW tuning pictures

Relevance Score: 2.742    2007-07-25 12:35:10

The song is for little guys... but the cars are really for BIG BOYS! Enjoy amazing tuned BMW! [tags]cars,BMW,car tuning,car videos[/tags]

Old powerful car

Relevance Score: 2.733    2007-07-25 19:32:36

Incredible power offered by an old car! [tags]cars,old cars,car videos[/tags]

Cars and Girls

Relevance Score: 2.710    2007-08-28 07:25:47

Tuning cars presented in the most interesting video. Cars and Girls [tags]cars,car videos,car tuning[/tags]

Cars collage

Relevance Score: 2.671    2007-09-01 09:33:49

Great collage with tuning cars. Tuning Cars collage [tags]cars,car tuning,car videos[/tags]

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