About Bentley Arnage

In this world full of new cars it is something delightfully refreshing about Bentley Arnage. I think this car offers a great satisfaction: 12 leather hides covering the interior, shiny wood veneers that you can use as a mirror. It is mated to a new six-speed automatic transmission. It has benefits for refinement and economy, too. You can find 2 new turbochargers from Mitsubishi, fuel consumption is improved (14.5 mpg combined consumption). With 500 bhp it’s getting to a 179 mph top speed.

About Bentley Arnage

bentley-arnage.jpg bentley-arnage1.jpg bentley-arnage2.jpg

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bentley-arnage-interior.jpg bentley-arnage-interior1.jpg

bentley-arnage-interior2.jpg bentley-arnage-sign.jpg bentley-arnage-wheel.jpg

About Bentley Arnage

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  1. Bentley announcement - Car Tuning and Modified Cars Said,

    August 20, 2007 @ 11:21 am

    […] announcement Attention! May I have your attention please! All Bentley Arnage and Azure owners please come to the nearest dealer facility, because you may have a screw loose! […]

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