Acura TL Aspec

Engine: 3.2 litre V6
Power: 270 hp
Year: 2005

There are not too many sedans which combine high performance and innovative technology with such a great harmony, as 2005 Acura TL did. Great performance is offered by its 3.2 liter TL, 270 hp, 24 valves, VTEC engine and four wheel independent double wishbone suspension systems and also by the impressive console of sophisticated amenities, Bluetooth, wireless cell phone technology, Acura/ELS Premium 8 speaker surround sound system with DVD audio. We can observe, also the aluminum alloy V6 270 hp engine and four wheels independent double wishbone suspension system that gives to this high performance sedan its true exhilaration attributes. Although all Acura model are characterized by luxury and performance, the 2005 TL is over all this.

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Acura TL Aspec

Acura’s Maintenance Minder System coordinates oil service dates and some other maintenance assays; all based on engine operating conditions and displays timely reminders in MID (Multi Info Display).
The XM Satellite Radio digitally broadcasts over 120 channels of near CD quality music coast to coast. All channels are free from static and interference, even while traveling through urban canyons, because they are broadcast digitally.
The 2005 TL is made with Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition, and that is great. You can have a large 8 inch flat screen with a 48 state database, which provides more than 7 million points of interest.
Acura TL Aspec is available with automatic and manual transmission: a 5 speed sequential sport shift automatic transmission and a short throw 6 speed manual transmissions, which features LSD (limited slip differential) for enhanced traction during acceleration.

acura-tl-aspec_10.jpg acura-tl-aspec_11.jpg acura-tl-aspec_12.jpg acura-tl-aspec_13.jpg acura-tl-aspec_14.jpg acura-tl-aspec_15.jpg acura-tl-aspec_16.jpg acura-tl-aspec_17.jpg acura-tl-aspec_18.jpg acura-tl-aspec_19.jpg acura-tl-aspec_20.jpg acura-tl-aspec_21.jpg
Acura TL Aspec
The 2005 TL has a double wishbone front suspension and double wishbone rear suspension for superior pitch: the front suspension combines large bushings with very rigid upper arms to reduced road noise and to absorb the impact of energy and stabilizer bars in the rear and front provide additional stability and controlled handling.
Amazing car, with great characteristics and impressive performance.

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