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Brabus- a 225 mph Police car

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Brabus Rocket
If you stay in a country and you have many fast roads, you surely need some good patrol cars. And, if the Italians have a 640bhp Lamborghini Murcielargo LP640, is the time now for the Germans to show what a real police car means. So, they offered a Brabus, based on the Mercedes Benz CLS. Brabus Rocket set the record for the world’s fastest production saloon, by hitting 227.2 mph at the Nardo high speed bowl in Italy.
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The car is used as a PR exercise, but the Rocket is very real and can be yours for £235,178. For this price you will get a great modified Mercedes V12, which starts life as a mere 5.5 litres in the S-Class. Brabus has also a couple of turbochargers and a performance exhaust system to ramp up the power to a 730 bhp. The peak torque is of 973 lb/ft, 5 speed automatic gearbox, accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 4.0 seconds, 12 piston callipers grabbing on to enormous ceramic brakes and 19 inch alloy wheels. Great car to patrol with! I want to be a police officer! 🙂
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Brabus- a 225 mph Police car

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Brabus rims

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Brabus rims
It seems that lately are very popular big dimension rims, with exotic designs, to be a great attraction for everyone. And Brabus Monobloc E are not shy to be “on the wave”, whenever it will look them!
For now, these rims dimension was especially made for the new S-Class and it is of 22 inches. Those 9 spokes and the polished centre bring more “flavour” and make these rims looks shiny. The price is approximate of € 1,200. See more on

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