Cizeta V16

Cizeta V16 is one interesting supercar, that all of us forget about!
If supercars are about extremes, this must be the ultimate, thanks to a crazy 5995 cc 16-cylinder engine – transversely mounted! No wonder the Cizeta was so wide; it had eight cylinders across its girth. With 560 bhp at a dizzying 8,000 rpm, the noise was awe-inspiring at full chat, thanks to 64 valves doing their stuff. It was claimed the V16T could top 204mph, but nobody ever officially tested the car, so who knows? Despite the prototype emerging in 1989, it was 1992 before the first cars were ready; in the meantime, financier Giorgio Moroder walked away, but the car lingered on until 1995.

Cizeta V16
Cizeta V16

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