Ferrari 360 Modena by J.N. Hephaiss

J.N. Hephaiss modified the 350 Modena Ferrari, by putting some aerodynamic elements, intensive tested in the aerodynamic tunnel. Not only the exterior is changed, and also he changes the evacuation system to obtain a sound that will attract anyone who knows what the sound means. Just look at it and tell me is it doesn’t look outstanding!

ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_2.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_3.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_4.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_5.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_6.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_7.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_8.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_9.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_10.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_11.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_12.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_13.jpg ferrari-360-modena-by-jn-hephaiss_14.jpg
Ferrari 360 Modena by J.N. Hephaiss

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