Ford Shelby GT500 review

Ford was presenting its new supercar Selby GT500 with 500 hp (as the name says). Well Ford Shelby GT500 is an amazing car. The appearing of Selby GT500 is very good, because it cost around $43,000 (instead of %150,000, the cost of Ford GT). This must be the best deal with Ford.

Ford Shelby GT500 review

ford-shelby-gt500.jpg ford-shelby-gt500_stop.jpg

ford-shelby-gt500_clock.jpg ford-shelby-gt500_engine.jpg

If you drive this car (I didn’t drive it, but I heard it’s great!) you’ll be impressed about its grand touring demeanor that makes your day! I guess it’s very easy to drive this car!

ford-shelby-gt500_rims.jpg ford-shelby-gt500_emblem.jpg ford-shelby-gt500_original.jpg

Ford Shelby GT500 review

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