Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Peugeot 308 SW Prologue

As we used in the last time, Peugeot launches first a concept car ready to be produced and then the final product, and the history repeated again at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this year, where the French brought 308 SW Prologue.
Actually, the 99% version that will become 308’ kombi, 308 SW Prologue will be a practical and easy to use vehicle, which will be perfect for journeys and holidays for the whole family.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Peugeot 308 SW Prologue

Pictured as the old 307 SW, the new kombi Peugeot propose a young and dynamic design. In the interior, the French model put his cards on much more space and usefulness, proposing even the third row for chairs, which can be used or even putted away from the car.

peugeot-308-sw-prologue.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_2.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_3.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_4.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_5.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_6.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_7.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_8.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_9.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_10.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_11.jpg peugeot-308-sw-prologue_12.jpg
Peugeot 308 SW Prologue

The Peugeot 308 SW will be commercialized with a 120 hp 1.6 liter VTI engine, a 150 hp 1.6 liter Turbo engine, a 110 hp 1.6 liter HDi engine or a 136 hp 2.0 liter HDi diesel engine.
This is a very nice model, which can offer a lot of opportunities.

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