Kia- sport version

Kia wants a smaller group of buyers, but much serious. A sign for this new re-orientation for Kia is the fact that soon will get out of the factory first versions of sport model, having xR on them.

First model that will have the sport package will be Cee’d, that means that will have only an optical tuning. I also heard that the car will have a powerful engine and much sporty suspension. Hyundai, sister of Kia already presented a 200 hp concept, but it hasn’t on the market until now. We can wait!

kia-sport_1.jpg kia-sport_2.jpg kia-sport_3.jpg kia-sport_4.jpg kia-sport_5.jpg kia-sport_6.jpg kia-sport_7.jpg kia-sport_8.jpg kia-sport_9.jpg kia-sport_10.jpg kia-sport_11.jpg kia-sport_12.jpg

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