Lexus prize for Wii tennis

A lot of you hear about Nintendo Wii, but have you ever heard about Lexus Wii? Well, you will find out more from this article.
Lexus is part of Andy Roddick’s team for U.S. Open Promo. That’s why is going to host a “Virtual Tennis Open” using the Nintendo Wii.
It is not a “real tourney”, it is a charity one, but the top winning prize is 1 year lease on a Lexus IS-F for the winner to keep and drive as much as he/she can! Great prize, isn’t it?
As Andy Roddick’s wish, the tourney will be in New York at Rockefeller Center, in September, this year and the money earned after this tourney will be for Andy Roddick Foundation.
Andy Roddick Foundation is made for neglected, abused and sick children.

Lexus IS-F prize for Wii tennis

Now, let’s get back to real tennis competitions. The Lexus IS-F, soon saw in Monterey will also be one of the rewards for the one who will be Men Champion in the U.S. Open, next month. Good luck!

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