Nissan Mixim Concept

The Mixim Concept is made for computer passionate and internet passionate teenagers. This is Nissan’s choice. The driver seat is mounted central, and in the back of it you can see 2 other chairs for passengers. Mixim dimensions are: 3.7 m long, 1.8 m width and 1.4 m high and weights 950 kg.
Two electric engines, called “Super Motor”, charged with lit ion batteries help this concept to run, an engine for front wheels and one for the back wheels. This is making Mixim an “all-wheel-drive” model.

nissan-mixim-concept.jpg nissan-mixim-concept_2.jpg nissan-mixim-concept_3.jpg nissan-mixim-concept_4.jpg nissan-mixim-concept_5.jpg nissan-mixim-concept_6.jpg
Nissan Mixim Concept

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