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The new M3 sedan

Relevance Score: 5.245    2007-04-03 21:19:54

New photos available with the new M3 sedan.From the front the car looks like an M3, with the front bumper specially made for the M cars and big air dam.The headlights are also changed with a new look just like the new BMW 3 series coupe.Althought the car is now ...

Audi A1 Quattro

Relevance Score: 5.120    2011-12-29 12:19:12

  A high-performance version of the German Automaker’s subcompact hatch, the Limited Edition 252-hp A1 Quattro was announced by Audi to be introduced quite soon.   “the A1 Quattro comes equipped with the automaker’s legendary all-wheel-drive system, with power provided by the same 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct-injected four-cylinder used in the S3. The reworked ...

2008 Volkswagen R32 review

Relevance Score: 4.972    2007-10-25 11:36:48

Volkswagen R32 is like a big brother for VW GTI and it cost with $10,000 more than a GTI, that means a price of $33,600. The R32 has the “deep blue” color and a grille treatment with silver finish; and at the back you can see the “powerful” exhaust pipes. ...

Ferrari 612 Widebody

Relevance Score: 4.844    2008-12-22 15:30:20

It takes a special kind of confidence to modify a new Ferrari. After all, who wants to mess with what many people regard as perfection. However, Imola Racing, a member of the DIMEX Group of Wiesbaden, Germany, specializes in doing exactly that. We've got some photos (but unfortunately, not many ...

Official Photos with Toyota Hilux Facelift

Relevance Score: 4.568    2008-09-08 19:40:39

Official pictures of Toyota Hilux facelift were presented to the public, and the sales target for this model in 2009 is of 47,000 units. It was launched in Europe in 2005 and until now, Hilux model has become increasingly more popular and better sold, and last year recorded sales of ...

Mini R56.Hamann rules

Relevance Score: 4.349    2007-03-22 22:15:46

Mini R56 Mini R56 Hamman made this modyfication to the car starting from the Mini's handling.Now thanks to the tuning the car runs better, has an improved handling and it even sounds better.The exterior kit has a front spoiler to reduce lift, a pair of side sills with integrated, brushed aluminum doorsills, ...

Alfa Romeo wants a new speed record

Relevance Score: 4.334    2008-07-28 20:22:19

The fastest model Alfa Romeo will compete on the circuit of salt to the Bonneville speed record fell in the category Blown Gas Modified Sports. Even if aerodynamics and looks very modern, the model is built on an Alfa Romeo Spider in 1991 platform. Named Bonnie, after the place in ...

First official photos with new Volkswagen Golf!

Relevance Score: 4.261    2008-08-11 20:34:44

Over several days VW will officially present the sixth generation of the Golf model. There will be a big surprise because too few official pictures have already started to circulate on the Internet. The current generation Golf, the fifth, was a success for Volkswagen, as otherwise all previous generations. And ...

New Mercedes CLC

Relevance Score: 4.085    2008-01-28 20:22:36

Mercedes has finally showed pictures with the newest coupe from its models, the one based on C-Klasse, named CLC. After the teaser presented few weeks ago, Mercedes offered pictures with its completely new coupe, the most accessible from the series. Named CLC, according to the new politics of choosing names ...

Fairlady Z Type 380 RS Competition by NISMO

Relevance Score: 4.079    2007-09-02 19:21:36

The V6 engine from the Fairlady Z (that is the name of the 350 Z in Japan) in 380 RS Competition variant, realized by NISMO, has bigger cc, of 3.8 liters. The new power is of 350 hp, and the maximum torque is of 400 Nm. Not only the engine ...

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