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Fast Lane Daily Today News

Relevance Score: 8.433    2007-09-07 12:17:31

Volvo revealed a brand new hybrid concept and Porsche has a little “heat” to the Cayenne. These are the news from Fast Lane Daily, for today. The Volvo recharged is a plug-in hybrid concept car, which the company says it will travel with only 62 mph with the electric engine, ...

Tesla Roadster

Relevance Score: 7.303    2007-10-11 18:41:47

This is Tesla Roadster's Commercial. Tesla is an electric car faster than a Porsche, which can accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds, 130 mph top speed, 200 miles per 4 hour charge. Nice, isn't it? Tesla Roadster [tags]cars,Tesla,Tesla Roadster,commercial,electric cars,car videos,Porsche,top speed[/tags]

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid S

Relevance Score: 6.744    2009-02-23 12:36:47

Porsche revealed its production Cayenne Hybrid S in November 2007 at the L.A. Auto Show, but has been relatively quite on the subject ever since. But the German producer has now broken the silence, giving us some details of the more fuel-efficient system. Porsche says the Cayenne Hybrid S will offer ...

Who killed the electric car?

Relevance Score: 6.343    2007-09-11 17:48:04

We all know about the global warming, pollution. It seems that all we see is a higher gas price. For all this, there is an alternative. In 1996, electric cars seem to appear on roads all over the California. They were fast, good and run without gas. These futuristic cars ...

News from Tesla Motors

Relevance Score: 5.829    2007-10-02 09:58:08

Tesla Motors announced, last week that they will have another delay in delivering its all-electric sport car. They’ve made a letter to customers and the CEO, Michael Marks said that Tesla Roadster (I’ve presented you in a previous article) will now come in 2008. In the beginning they’ve announced that ...

Porsche Panamera- spy shots

Relevance Score: 5.602    2007-08-06 15:13:47

Porsche is for everyone a multi waited car… it doesn’t matter the time, the cost, the moment! Panamera is one model in development which will be officially presented at 2009 Geneva Motor Show. So, until its presentation, Porsche can do a great job with the Panamera. The new model follows ...

Prepare for Porsche 911 GT2

Relevance Score: 5.532    2007-07-12 14:25:03

At Frankfurt Auto Show, which will take place in the second half of the year, the new Porsche 911 GT2 from Porsche 997 series will be presented. New Porsche will have a much powerful engine, with 530 hp and because of its traction on two wheels, and because o its ...

Plan for Panamera Hybrid

Relevance Score: 5.500    2008-01-13 00:26:41

Porsche has announced plans for what it calls a "Hybrid Drive" for the planned Panamera performance sedan. The Panamera is Porsche's new, and not-yet-released performance sedan which will feature four doors and a FR engine layout. While Porsche seems to be slowly crawling towards challenging the likes of BMW and Mercedes ...

Volkswagen Golf Twin Drive

Relevance Score: 5.488    2008-06-30 21:17:56

Volkswagen introduced a new hybrid technology that we see in a series. Volkswagen introduced the concept Golf Twin Drive which wants to join the constructors that bet on hybrid propulsion, as a future technology. The model presented by VW has the advantage that has an electric motor that can be downloaded from ...

Porsche 911 History

Relevance Score: 5.445    2007-08-31 11:58:50

Very impressive video, presenting the history of Porsche 911. I didn't lived the beginning period (I'm to young for that), but watching this video makes me live in that period. Even with the first model, born in '70's Porsche had a great success and, until today it succeeded to make a ...

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