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The new M3 sedan

Relevance Score: 5.245    2007-04-03 21:19:54

New photos available with the new M3 sedan.From the front the car looks like an M3, with the front bumper specially made for the M cars and big air dam.The headlights are also changed with a new look just like the new BMW 3 series coupe.Althought the car is now ...

Amazing big car

Relevance Score: 5.151    2007-09-03 20:57:26

These are the most funnier pictures with an amazing big car. What do you think about these 26 inch wheels? Amazing big car [tags]cars,big car,funny,wheels,26 inch,pictures[/tags]

The New Audi RS4 Avant Spied - New Photos And Information

Relevance Score: 4.579    2011-09-18 20:33:20

  Even with  an amazing camouflage, the new Audi RS4 Avant Spied made people wanting to know more about this Audi model that it seems quite promising. The appearance was at the Nurburgring. At the moment the model receives the latest retouches and is due to be launched in May 2012.     In ...

Amazing bus

Relevance Score: 4.114    2007-07-15 13:10:45

I bet that you haven't seen such an amazing bus! Just enjoy this crazy bus video! [tags]cars,car videos[/tags]

Bentley Amazing Collaboration With Linley

Relevance Score: 4.049    2011-10-08 12:35:33

It seems that Bnetley, together with a new partner, a British design company, Linley, want to revolutionise the car luxury by lunching 10 limited edition Continental Flying Spurs. the Chairman of the company, mister David Linley, has made a new for himself as the finest designer of luxurious furniture in ...

Your Car Could Be Ride of the Month

Relevance Score: 3.851    2007-08-15 13:07:53

Super Street Online holds a contest named Ride Of The Month. I thought some of you will be interested in such a contest. What is all about ? You go to the contest homepage and complete their simple online form along with uploading some pictures with your car, it only ...

Amazing Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB

Relevance Score: 3.833    2008-06-04 18:01:32

Ferrari 599 GTB is a beautiful car with impressive performance. But, an Saudi Arabian person wasn't satisfied only by its performance, he wanted more. So, he specially ordered this amazing chrome Ferrari 599 GTB. I don't know how much he paid, but I'm not that sure the transformation was a ...

The New 2012 BMW 3 Series Looking A Lot Like The Current BMW 5 Series

Relevance Score: 3.710    2011-09-06 11:40:56

Germany may be considered one lucky country, more since the new BMW 3 Series has been spotted on the German streets without any camouflage. Recently, firstly uploaded on Bimmerpost.com, some photos taken by a roof-top photographer have alarmed every single car passionate.   It seems that the new BMW looks a lot ...

Vrimz The Auto Enthusiasts Comunity

Relevance Score: 3.592    2008-12-25 15:15:28

I've found a new site where you can change rims virtual on internet. All you must do is to make a profile and upload some photos with your car and your rims. You have informations about how to make a rims exchange. Also this site have a forum where you ...

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Relevance Score: 3.435    2007-09-24 14:48:41

This the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 first video. Not only that you can see the videos, I’ve got for you, also some spy photos. If you look at the video you will hear the sound of that big 6.2 liter supercharged small block engine. Enjoy the video and the spy photos! 2009 ...

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