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Amazing big car

Relevance Score: 5.151    2007-09-03 20:57:26

These are the most funnier pictures with an amazing big car. What do you think about these 26 inch wheels? Amazing big car [tags]cars,big car,funny,wheels,26 inch,pictures[/tags]

Amazing bus

Relevance Score: 4.114    2007-07-15 13:10:45

I bet that you haven't seen such an amazing bus! Just enjoy this crazy bus video! [tags]cars,car videos[/tags]

Amazing Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB

Relevance Score: 3.833    2008-06-04 18:01:32

Ferrari 599 GTB is a beautiful car with impressive performance. But, an Saudi Arabian person wasn't satisfied only by its performance, he wanted more. So, he specially ordered this amazing chrome Ferrari 599 GTB. I don't know how much he paid, but I'm not that sure the transformation was a ...

Incredible Driver

Relevance Score: 3.429    2007-09-24 15:59:15

Check this driver. He left his car while driving. It is really amazing! Don't you think? Incredible Driver [tags]cars,incredible,driver,amazing,car videos[/tags]

Buggy Boy

Relevance Score: 3.386    2007-10-12 11:29:25

This Boy is amazing! Watch the video and convince yourself about this boy qualities! Amazing tricks! Buggy Boy [tags]cars,boy,qualities,car videos,tricks[/tags]

Amazing Buggy Hill Climb

Relevance Score: 3.281    2007-08-13 12:53:49

In Scotland, these cars are named "bogie". Sometimes they are called: go-kart, soapbox car,buggy,trolley, cart or cartie. It is propelled by gravity and can reach 30 mph. It seems that it is capable of holding a driver for the purpose of racing or recreation. I really don't think that such a ...

Zenvo ST1

Relevance Score: 3.111    2008-12-19 14:24:40

Over the years, we saw lots of cars created by small companies, but the Zenvo ST1 is clearly the most amazing of what we seen recently. Created by the Danish company Zenvo Automotive, the Zenvo ST1, is a rear wheel drive rocket-car powered by a turbocharged and supercharged 7.0 liter ...

New Information About The Amazing Eterniti Hemera

Relevance Score: 3.095    2011-09-12 18:14:28

Details about the car that is supposed to be the world’s first Super-SUV, the Cayenne-based Hemera have been made public a few days ago. A new level of performance and luxury is expected to be offered to clients by using this SUV model. It is rumoured that this vehicle is ...

Amazing Opportunity Offered By Both BMW And Apple

Relevance Score: 2.967    2011-10-14 21:02:21

After searching for a way to connect the iPhone integration and iPhone connectivity to its vehicles, BMW brought the same functionality to Android with the soon to be released remote app for Google’s open-source OS. Can you believe it or not, by owning this phone and this application, you, as a ...

Ferrari 312 PB

Relevance Score: 2.871    2007-09-11 14:25:36

In this video you will find the man who is behind an amazing Ferrari story. He is a telecom engineer who spend most of he’s life making the absolutely perfect scale models of the Ferrari 312 PB. He not only has to make every single part himself, but he also ...

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