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Acura TL Aspec

Relevance Score: 8.429    2007-08-22 09:50:00

Engine: 3.2 litre V6 Power: 270 hp Year: 2005 There are not too many sedans which combine high performance and innovative technology with such a great harmony, as 2005 Acura TL did. Great performance is offered by its 3.2 liter TL, 270 hp, 24 valves, VTEC engine and four wheel independent double wishbone ...

Bose active suspension

Relevance Score: 5.471    2007-09-26 12:33:31

You can have a look at the new Bose suspension. In this video you can observe the comparison between the Bose suspension and conventional suspension. [tags]cars,car service,car videos,Bose,suspension[/tags]

Mini Coupe Suspension Enhancements

Relevance Score: 4.235    2012-09-18 13:22:16

Eibach has released a suspension upgrade package for BMW’s cheeky new Mini Coupe. Eibach already has a fully tested kit available that will allow enthusiasts to lower their cars by around 30mm. The springs feature unique progressive winding technology that has been optimised to work perfectly with the factory dampers. Ride ...

Up side down

Relevance Score: 4.101    2007-09-03 10:21:49

All of you should know that with higher suspension, you have a higher center of gravity so... GO EASY ON THE HILL!!! In this moment I don't know if I'm shocked or should I start laughing?!? What can I say more when I see such a video? Up side down [tags]cars,Jeep,up-hill,suspension,car ...

Volkswagen Touareg R50

Relevance Score: 3.352    2007-10-07 11:59:14

Volkswagen will present this week, at the Australian International Motor Show, Touareg R50. The complete technical data haven’t been published, yet, but we know that the engine will be the V10 TDI, with a higher power than the 313 hp, which is the standard. The “R” package includes, also bigger ...

Audi AS5 by ABT

Relevance Score: 2.912    2007-08-30 18:09:56

Here you can see the AS5, or better said the “fresh” changed Audi A5 from the ABT Sportsline. ABT offer for Audi: - special realized body-kit for the A5; - 4 exit final evacuation (2+2); - for the 3 liter Tdi engine: a rise of power from 240 hp to 272 hp, existing the possibility of rising ...

Perfect Speed Limiters

Relevance Score: 2.844    2008-03-28 21:20:08

I bet that many of you are pushing the car to its limit and never thing of the consequences. They call these things "Speed Limiters" and you can see why they would be extremely effective, at least once. I say once, because, once you will find out that there is ...

the McLaren MP4 12C and Chriss Harris

Relevance Score: 2.836    2012-03-06 16:28:32

Chris Harris has spent 5 amazing days in McLaren MP4-12C, one of the most interesting and desireable sports cars ever made. The car has a lot of characteristics that offer it unicity, such as a carbon tub, seamless shift gearbox, hydraulic suspension, 370mm steel rotors and 0 to 124mph in ...

Ferrari 612 Widebody

Relevance Score: 2.768    2008-12-22 15:30:20

It takes a special kind of confidence to modify a new Ferrari. After all, who wants to mess with what many people regard as perfection. However, Imola Racing, a member of the DIMEX Group of Wiesbaden, Germany, specializes in doing exactly that. We've got some photos (but unfortunately, not many ...

BMW CLR 600 S by Lumma

Relevance Score: 2.738    2007-08-29 13:07:54

Luma Design created the tuning package named CLR 600 S for the 6 Series from BMW. This includes: ~ aerodynamic kit, composes of: front bar, back bar, lateral doorstep; ~ sport admission; ~ sport evacuation with 4 ending of 80 mm; ~ H&R suspension which lower the base guard with 30 mm; ~ “Racing” Lumma rims, ...

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