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Audi A6 Picture Gallery

Relevance Score: 11.093    2006-11-02 00:36:18

Audi A6 best pictures. A nice picture gallery with Audi A6 limousine. Audi A6 Picture Gallery ...

Audi R8

Relevance Score: 9.858    2006-11-04 15:10:04

After the “Le Mans Quattro” concept was very appreciated in Frankfurt 3 years ago, Audi was presenting in Paris the new super car: R8. Audi R8 Car’s design is influenced by the central position of the engine, with a long inferior part closed with LED stops. ...

Audi S6 coming up in 2007

Relevance Score: 8.532    2006-11-02 21:48:33

New Audi S6 that is going on sale in October, 2007 has enough power to scare the concurrence. Audi S6 coming up in 2007 It has a 435 hp, a torque of 398 lb ft and it is weighing 4,400 pounds. The car is getting from 0 to ...

Audi RS4

Relevance Score: 8.320    2006-10-21 00:01:28

The year 2005 was a very good vintage for Audi.This year begins on the hats from wheels with the RS4.This car has: engine- 420 HP, 317 Lb-ft of torque, 4.2L, 40-valve DOHC V8; Transmission- 6 spd manual; Acceleration- 4.8 sec to get to 100 km/h. Audi RS4 Audi ...

Audi A8 audio system

Relevance Score: 7.572    2006-12-04 23:16:02

Danish firm, Bang & Olufsen offers an almost perfect audio system for cars, exclusively for Audi A8. Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System includes 14 loudspeakers, each one with self intensifier ...

Waiting for Audi R8

Relevance Score: 7.436    2006-10-20 23:51:59

The characteristics of this car promise to be impressive, with V8 motor of 425 HP, like the Audi RS4, weight near 300.100 kg (or less). Interesting design.Nice work! The New 2007 Audi R8 The New 2007 Audi R8 [tags]cars,Audi,latest,car engines,Audi cars[/tags]

Audi Q5- A new miracle comes into being

Relevance Score: 7.431    2006-11-20 20:07:50

Audi’s general manager, Martin Winterkorn announced that Audi Q5 will be manufactured in Germany, exactly in Ingolstadt. SUV’s arrival, desired to be BMW’s X3 rival is not a secret any more, until now we didn’t know where will be manufactured. Audi Q5- A new miracle comes into being Audi intend to use ...

Audi R8 Supercar

Relevance Score: 7.348    2006-10-21 00:10:25

Here you can see the new Audi R8 supercar, an A5 coupe, S4, an RS3, the Q7 SUV, and latest Q3 SUV. This R8 Supercar is on go for production and planned for later in 2007. The R8 is an amazing vehicle, which surely will be armed with the 5.0-liter ...

Audi A1 news

Relevance Score: 7.316    2006-11-07 20:57:20

Officials from Audi announced in an interview to WirtschaftsWoche publication that they are working at a rival for Mini. This will have elements from Shooting Brake concept- in the picture. Audi A1 news It is for sure that the car will be named A1 and will be build on the newest platform ...

Audi Q7- 5 stars

Relevance Score: 6.427    2006-12-18 09:12:15

Audi Q7 NHTSA test National Highway Transport Safety Administration, an American Institute awarded Audi Q7 with its maximum note of ...

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