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Audi TT Roadster Clubsport

Relevance Score: 9.648    2007-07-10 13:17:52

A new wonder is born, the amazing Audi TT Roadster Clubsport. We don’t know for sure, but everybody is speaking about this great model. The new concept is different by the base model with few things: 20 inch alloy rims, much better tires, smaller windscreen and few elements from the ...

Audi R8 by Kicherer

Relevance Score: 8.822    2007-08-29 07:35:09

Audi R8 by Kicherer The German tuner, Kicherer couldn’t take his mind off the Audi R8 and made incredible tuning from it. The changes are made, especially on the aesthetics and maneuverability; he didn’t change anything at the engine. What he could change? To improve the aerodynamic the front spoiler was changed ...

Audi TT tuning

Relevance Score: 8.372    2007-09-03 10:09:30

The German tuning company, Nothelle presented this year an Audi TT with 520 hp under its hood. Changes brought to this TT: - sport arch or a complete adjustable suspension, as strongest and highest; - aerodynamic kit from Nothelle; - 3.2 V6 twin turbo engine, which develops 520 hp and 635 Nm; - maximum speed of 308 km/h; - 20 inch ...

Perfect Color for a Tuned Audi TT

Relevance Score: 8.156    2007-03-04 18:32:27

What's the perfect color for a tuned Audi TT ? Actually there are two colors, a two-toned paint job is great on any car, but on the new Audi TT the light blue mingles perfectly with orange. It also has orange on the rims. The other Audi TT painted whitish ...

Audi AS5 by ABT

Relevance Score: 8.071    2007-08-30 18:09:56

Here you can see the AS5, or better said the “fresh” changed Audi A5 from the ABT Sportsline. ABT offer for Audi: - special realized body-kit for the A5; - 4 exit final evacuation (2+2); - for the 3 liter Tdi engine: a rise of power from 240 hp to 272 hp, existing the possibility of rising ...

Top 10 Custom Rims

Relevance Score: 7.759    2008-10-27 11:01:36

Here is the Top 10 Baddest Custom Rims. From platinum and gold custom rims to famous roulettes in Las Vegas. You didn't even know that rims can be so customized. You can tune your car exactly the same, but only if you have enough money. Who wouldn't want 28" gold ...

Competition in the street

Relevance Score: 7.084    2007-09-04 15:00:10

Thanks to the proceeded diagnose realized by the German firm, Fraunhofer, soon could appear on the streets vehicles with plastic rims. These plastic rims were utilized, until now only for races. With these rims, they obtained impressive performances on 250,000 km testing. Plastic rims [tags]cars,wheels,rims,car news,plastic rims,Fraunhofer,street vehicles,car race,performance[/tags]

Plastic Rims

Relevance Score: 7.058    2007-10-09 12:03:04

In the near future, alloy rims could be replaced by plastic rims. These rims are realized by a combination between plastic and glass (glass-reinforced plastic GRP) and have as an advantage their light weight. It is normal that a plastic rim to weight less than an alloy one. The same ...

OZ Ultraleggera rims

Relevance Score: 6.756    2006-12-07 16:03:30

OZ proposes a new type of alloy rims, inspired by Formula 1 technology. Named Ultraleggera, these rims are easier with 40% than any other models, since now and it ...

Audi R8 by PPI

Relevance Score: 6.741    2007-11-28 15:28:28

Audi R8 represents a big rival for Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley. The German tuners from PPI Automotive Design GmbH have modified “the admiral navy” from the super sport Audi’s class, offering an innovative design and better performances. The combination between the exterior carbon fibre kit and the 19 inch magnesium rims ...

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