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Amazing Audi RS6

Relevance Score: 3.349    2008-08-11 21:07:25

Audi RS6 is an impressive car, very powerful. I know that many of you dream of one beautiful Audi RS6, but I bet that you don't know how useful and great car it can be! Why? Well, it's better for you to enjoy these images with what should be a deadly ...

Yellow or Orange?

Relevance Score: 3.095    2007-11-01 17:38:02

Let me see... What do you prefer? Yellow or Orange? Which one do you like better? These two beautiful Camaros were presented at SEMA Show 2007. I like them both, but it seems that many participants were betting about which one is going to be the winner, concerning the color dispute! I want ...

Amazing Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB

Relevance Score: 3.045    2008-06-04 18:01:32

Ferrari 599 GTB is a beautiful car with impressive performance. But, an Saudi Arabian person wasn't satisfied only by its performance, he wanted more. So, he specially ordered this amazing chrome Ferrari 599 GTB. I don't know how much he paid, but I'm not that sure the transformation was a ...

Motorcycles and Girls at Accessories and Motor Show

Relevance Score: 2.903    2008-04-21 19:23:01

If you like motorcycles and beautiful girls you have to make time to come to the Accessories and Motor Show in Bucharest, first motor show organized this year. It is not only about the motorcycles, because you can also admire ATV’s and snowmobiles. On this show many models and brands can ...

Mercedes SLR McLaren

Relevance Score: 2.858    2007-08-13 13:28:50

Mercedes SLR McLaren is so beautiful! [tags]cars,car videos,Mercedes-Benz,Mercedes SLR McLaren[/tags]

Ford Fusion Funkmaster

Relevance Score: 2.818    2006-10-19 21:36:22

Duratec 24V V6, 6-Speed Automatic Transmission this is only the "non-interesting" part of this "beauty"!You can convince yourself by seeing these pictures!Beautiful Ford Fusion Funkmaster Beautiful Ford Fusion Funkmaster [tags]car,car engines, ford, ford fusion, ford vehicles, ford motor co, ford com, tuning, car pictures, car tunning[/tags]

PGO Cevennes- beautiful pictures

Relevance Score: 2.804    2006-11-02 16:34:31

Cevennes is another retro roadster designed by PGO. Like the Speedster II, Cevennes is powered by mid transverse mounted 2 liter, 4 cylinder engine, 4 valves per cylinder and 138 hp. PGO Cevennes- beautiful pictures ...

Suzuki Kizashi 2

Relevance Score: 2.569    2007-10-08 21:15:23

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, in September, Suzuki presented the Kizashi concept, a beautiful sedan and revolutionary for the Japanese industry. In October, at Tokyo, Suzuki wants to impress again, with a new concept, named Kizashi 2. Now Suzuki explores the 4x4 zone, but the same as a big auto ...

Small drifters

Relevance Score: 2.538    2007-08-23 11:00:25

What can impress you more than some small cars that looks exactly like real cars? These beautiful models are operated with remote control. Remote Control Drifters [tags]cars,small,drifters,car drifting,car videos,remote control[/tags]

Top Gear 2007

Relevance Score: 2.478    2007-07-11 19:00:33

Great video from Top Gear presenting 3 beautiful cars: Audi TT 2007, Alpha Romeo Brera 2007 and Mazda RX8 2006. Enjoy the video. I'm waiting for your comments! [tags]cars,Top Gear,car videos[/tags]

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