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Brabus- a 225 mph Police car

Relevance Score: 10.659    2006-12-18 14:12:07

Brabus Rocket If you stay in a country and you have many fast roads, you surely need some good patrol cars. And, if the Italians have a 640bhp Lamborghini Murcielargo LP640, is the time now for ...

The fastest limo

Relevance Score: 10.113    2007-11-21 10:29:11

Brabus engineers wanted to see how much speed can catch Maybach limo, on a performance scale. So, the German tuner, Brabus started to like more and more speed records. After a year ago took Brabus Rocket (made after Mercedes CLS) at 365.7 km/h, Brabus want to see the Maybach limo limits. ...

Brabus G V12 Biturbo

Relevance Score: 8.403    2009-02-20 12:32:18

BRABUS G V12 S Biturbo: The world’s most powerful off-roader comes from BRABUS. It is built by hand based on the latest Mercedes G-Classe. The exclusive five-door is powered by a BRABUS SV12 S displacement engine. Like all special models of BRABUS – recognized by the German Vehicle Registration Agency ...

Top 10 Limited-Edition Supercars

Relevance Score: 8.260    2007-08-06 16:24:47

2007 Geneva Motor Show Top 10 Limited-Edition Supercars No.1 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione No.2 Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 No.3 Morgan Aeromax No.4 Lamborghini Gallardo Superlegerra No.5 KTM X-Bow No.6 Brabus Rocket V12 S Biturbo No.7 Koenigsegg CCX No.8 Lotus 2-Eleven No.9 Spyker C12 Zagato No.10 Bentley Brooklands [tags]cars,top cars,supercars,2007,Geneva Motor Show,Bentley Brooklands, Spyker C12 Zagato, Lotus 2-Eleven, Koenigsegg CCX, ...

Brabus rims

Relevance Score: 7.986    2006-12-05 22:50:33

Brabus rims It seems that lately are very popular big dimension rims, with exotic designs, to be a great attraction for everyone. And Brabus Monobloc E are not shy to be “on the wave”, ...

730 hp Mercedes SL from Brabus

Relevance Score: 7.335    2008-05-08 19:00:49

Brabus prepared the last facelift version of Mercedes SL. Brabus wanted to impress everybody with this amazing tuning kit. And now, if there are many tuners, Brabus prepared a tuning kit with exceptional technical details that can’t be competed. The Germans mounted on new SL the most powerful engine they ...

Brabus Bullit

Relevance Score: 6.769    2007-09-11 15:31:54

Brabus Bullit is a C-Class model, gifted with a Brabus SV12 Biturbo engine of 6.3 liters and wants to be a real “wolf under a sheep skin”. The evacuation was modified and replaced by a steel one and was attached to a better catalyst. The 720 hp and the maximum torque ...

BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Power Kit

Relevance Score: 6.715    2008-01-30 21:36:26

The Brabus Company started to promote their new BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Power Kit that it is suitable for Mercedes E300 Bluetec and it can supply a power of 47 hp (35 kW). Not too bad, isn’t so? The Mercedes E 300 BLUETEC with Brabus tuning stayed below permissible exhaust limits ...

Brabus Ultimate 112

Relevance Score: 6.514    2007-09-11 15:56:37

Brabus was presenting the Ultimate 112 (the base is Smart Fortwo) at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Few details: - is painted in orange; - leather and alcantara interior with many orange elements; - Brabus body kit; - Brabus Monoblock VI rims; - 205/35 R 18 tires in the front and 235/30 R 18 in the back; - changeable suspension; - 3 cc turbo engine, 110 ...

New Brabus tunning for Mercedes Benz M Class 1

Relevance Score: 6.459    2009-01-16 14:27:35

BRABUS, purveyors of several of the finest tuning up  programs in world, have just released an update for their WIDESTAR M-Class tuning up bundle - one projected specifically for the invigorated new-generation ML. Same its precursors, the young BRABUS WIDESTAR is some five cm larger than the a conventional M-Class, ...

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