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Different Car Logos

Relevance Score: 6.907    2008-03-13 20:09:54

I know that for many of us the most important thing about the car is their logo, because we all recognize a car after it logo. Have you ever thought at a Ferrari with a different logo? Well, it seems that are few designers that re-designed the car logos and ...

Mercury brand

Relevance Score: 4.074    2007-09-04 10:55:20

Mercury logo We didn’t tell you nothing about Mercury, until now, but all we can say is that Ford will scrap the Mercury brand, as dealers informed us. Only 23 % of dealers are not worried about this. 28 % of dealers believe that big names like Ford or Lincoln can ...

Honda NSX postponed

Relevance Score: 3.719    2007-07-26 12:58:30

Bad news from Honda! It seems that Honda decided to postpone its NSX Supercar, again! That, because they’ve decided to re-badge the new Supercar as an Acura, but the Acura brand (only American) isn’t being launched in Japan, until 2010. Takeo Fukui, the Honda CEO is concerned about the suitability ...

The Luxurious Infiniti Essence Concept-Gallery

Relevance Score: 3.447    2011-10-29 22:27:04

One of the most important designs for the luxury brand was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show and is the Infiniti Essence Concept. The car was described by the vehicle's chief stylist Mamoru Aoki as an "exploration into the brand's future".Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton was also called upon to contribute ...

2007 Buick Riviera Concept

Relevance Score: 3.397    2007-07-02 20:30:10

Buick is not a very successful brand, but it seems that it had a real success story in China. The brand's La Crosse and new Holden Statesman-based Park Avenue competes in the chauffeur-driven market with stretch wheelbase Audi A6Ls and BMW 5 Series. General Motors is a leader in this burgeoning ...

Car Dealership Locator and Rater

Relevance Score: 3.186    2007-03-09 21:54:18

Today I'll post about a diffrent subject. As this is a car tuning blog I suppose some of the readers are interested in buying cars. A difficult part of the buying process is locating the dealer, so today I'll tell you about a Car Dealership Locator and Rater website. The autotropolis.com ...

Ferrari thinks hybrid!

Relevance Score: 3.056    2008-07-08 19:34:31

The head of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, said the German publication Welt am Sonntag that emissions of polluting machines brand will drop by 40% until 2012, and the cars will be easier and could use and hybrid technologies in the future. "We work in a Ferrari to use alternative sources ...

The New RamBox 6-foot-4-inch (Gallery)

Relevance Score: 2.931    2011-09-30 20:47:19

A new version of the Ram Truck brand has been revealed today. With its cargo management system, designed to fit Ram pickup trucks with 6-foot-4-inch bed lengths, this model is definitely going to make numerous “victims”. Besides the 5-foot-7-inch RamBox which was previously available only for the Ram 1500 Crew ...

Tata Motors could buy Hummer

Relevance Score: 2.852    2008-06-12 20:06:00

Dodge could be concluded following the acquisition of Tata Motors, after completion of takeover Jaguar and Land Rover, announces Motor Authority. The Indian Group has shown a particular interest on development of a network of large-SUV, especially the market in the United States, and the next step which would make ...

The New Lancia Delta

Relevance Score: 2.707    2008-11-24 16:30:55

Delta, the mathematical symbol of change and evolution, it's materializing today into the new Lancia Delta, a model that's representative for the legendary automobile brand, Lancia. The new automobile it's in again on the auto competition, having on it's side the tradition, the design and the original italic “smell”. Check ...

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