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Proton Persona

Relevance Score: 4.435    2007-08-21 09:58:47

The Malaysian concern, Proton Holding Berhad launched the last available model, Persona. We’ve heard that this model will be commercialized even on Europe market. Proton Persona comes to complete an almost complete game of models, like: Waja, Gen.2 and Savy. The new car will have a gas propeller with 1.6 liter cylinders. ...

The 2013 Ford Fusion-Logo Recognition App

Relevance Score: 4.416    2011-12-14 18:26:22

    The 2013 Fusion is being teased by Ford via mobile apps which fans can download for iPhone or Android by pointing the camera of the device at the Ford logo either from a car, online or an image in a magazine. After the logo was read by the application, a ...

Tata Motors could buy Hummer

Relevance Score: 3.933    2008-06-12 20:06:00

Dodge could be concluded following the acquisition of Tata Motors, after completion of takeover Jaguar and Land Rover, announces Motor Authority. The Indian Group has shown a particular interest on development of a network of large-SUV, especially the market in the United States, and the next step which would make ...

AC Schnitzer automobile Technik

Relevance Score: 3.335    2007-08-22 09:03:39

AC Schnitzer logo AC Schnitzer is well known as the biggest tuning house for BMW and MINI. They have started activity in 1987 (a long time ago) and today, they are offering and extensive range of special accessories for BMW and MINI cars. AC Schnitzer S3 Cabrio based on BMW 3 Series ...

True Face of Ferrari

Relevance Score: 3.281    2007-09-03 18:36:00

True Face of Ferrari Italian sports car maker Ferrari and its mother company, Chanel is suing a Danish undertaker for $ 50,000, for making a customized urn in the shape of a Ferrari. The urn was made for a 14 year old boy, who died of cancer in 2004. Ferrari Denmark ...

Different Car Logos

Relevance Score: 3.221    2008-03-13 20:09:54

I know that for many of us the most important thing about the car is their logo, because we all recognize a car after it logo. Have you ever thought at a Ferrari with a different logo? Well, it seems that are few designers that re-designed the car logos and ...

The Toyota Prius Hybrid 2009

Relevance Score: 3.130    2008-12-23 14:22:03

Another week's here, another published set of teaser images of Toyota's best kept secret, the Prius Hybrid. The japanese auto manufacturer released new pictures with the car's headlights, the illuminated Toyota logo and what seems to be a door handle. The third generation Prius, will make it's entry on the ...

Megabrands Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz Becoming Economic Allies?

Relevance Score: 3.029    2008-10-24 14:36:28

According to british automotive magazine „Car” the two brands, Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin are on the verge of becoming economic allies. The partnership with Mercedes-Benz, would bring to Aston Martin a significant acces to various models of engines, most likely AMG engines modified for use in Aston Martin's vehicles. At the ...

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Relevance Score: 2.680    2007-12-21 22:05:07

The ZR1’s interior builds on the brand’s dual-cockpit heritage, with high-quality materials, craftsmanship and functionality that support the premium-quality experience promised by the car’s performance. The ZR1’s cabin differs from the Corvette and Corvette Z06 with the following: -ZR1-logo sill plates -ZR1-logo headrest embroidery -Specific gauge cluster with “ZR1” logo on the tachometer ...

Impressive Porsche Drawing

Relevance Score: 2.528    2007-09-04 09:35:55

After we have seen in a previous article amazing drawing of Ford Shelby GT500, now we have to watch at the impressive drawing of a Porsche. In the end we have an incredible perfect picture of Porsche and its logo/sign. Impressive Porsche Drawing [tags]cars,drawing,car videos,Porsche,Ford Shelby GT 500[/tags]

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