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Chevrolet Beat Concept

Relevance Score: 8.419    2007-07-19 12:40:58

Chevrolet has presented at New York its new Concept, the Beat, being its most completely package. It seems to be the only one with a full interior and a complete running power train. The interior has cloth upholstered seats and cloth covered dashboard, the cargo area has a subwoofer that ...

Chevrolet Beat Concept presentation

Relevance Score: 6.004    2007-07-19 12:47:32

General Motors presented at 2007 New York Auto Show the new Chevrolet Beat Concept. They have showed 3 Minicar concepts and allowed the press to throw orange, dark purple and green color balls to vote for the one that will go into production. The presentation it's amazing. I love the ...

The new M3 sedan

Relevance Score: 5.245    2007-04-03 21:19:54

New photos available with the new M3 sedan.From the front the car looks like an M3, with the front bumper specially made for the M cars and big air dam.The headlights are also changed with a new look just like the new BMW 3 series coupe.Althought the car is now ...

Vrimz The Auto Enthusiasts Comunity

Relevance Score: 3.592    2008-12-25 15:15:28

I've found a new site where you can change rims virtual on internet. All you must do is to make a profile and upload some photos with your car and your rims. You have informations about how to make a rims exchange. Also this site have a forum where you ...

Evolution of the F1 Car

Relevance Score: 3.500    2012-09-19 21:40:15

The progression of the changes in shape of the Formula 1 racing car over time is now available in a video by Rufus Blacklock. From the 1950?s to present day, abstract versions of the cars are used to illustrate 60 years of evolution in 1 minute. The cars change shape with ...

LA Motor Show Green photo gallery

Relevance Score: 3.466    2007-11-23 16:57:29

Green concepts were the number one priority to this year LA Motor Show. Honda presented the first true production fuel cell car, named FCX Clarity. The Green Car of the Year was the Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, which is a 2.5 ton 7 seater V8 powered. Porsche got all tree-huggy with a hybrid ...

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Relevance Score: 3.435    2007-09-24 14:48:41

This the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 first video. Not only that you can see the videos, I’ve got for you, also some spy photos. If you look at the video you will hear the sound of that big 6.2 liter supercharged small block engine. Enjoy the video and the spy photos! 2009 ...

Renault presents new generation Symbol

Relevance Score: 3.429    2008-08-25 16:25:40

The French manufacturer presented first photos of Clio sedan version. There were too many information, but those photos and we realize that many things have changed in approach, without (yet) the current generation Clio Symbol. First, French have individualized the car. I mean the model is called Symbol (Thalia in ...

F1 races

Relevance Score: 3.353    2007-10-04 10:00:52

“The duel with Gilles is something I’ll never forget, my greatest souvenir in racing. He beat me, yes, and in France, but it didn’t worry me. I knew I’d been beaten by the best driver in the world.” F1 races [tags]cars,car race,F1,Gilles,car videos[/tags]

Official Photos with Toyota Hilux Facelift

Relevance Score: 3.200    2008-09-08 19:40:39

Official pictures of Toyota Hilux facelift were presented to the public, and the sales target for this model in 2009 is of 47,000 units. It was launched in Europe in 2005 and until now, Hilux model has become increasingly more popular and better sold, and last year recorded sales of ...

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