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67 Mustang Beats Chuck Samuel

Relevance Score: 25.236    2007-08-31 11:40:59

Chuck Samuel is a National Champion and you can see in this video that he don't succeed to beat a '67 Mustang. The images are from the 2004 Ford Weekend Pro 5.0 finals at Virginia Motorsports Park, in Petersburg Va. The '67 Mustang is driven by Rory Kennedy and beats Chuck Samuel. ...

Mark Martins race car

Relevance Score: 6.469    2007-09-17 20:55:57

This is Mark Martins's race car. Mark Martins race car [tags]cars,Mark Martins,race car,car videos,car race[/tags]

IMCA Race Car

Relevance Score: 6.064    2007-09-20 15:49:38

You can see an IMCA modified Race Car. IMCA Race Car [tags]cars,IMCA,race,car race,car videos[/tags]

Building a Husam Salem Race Car

Relevance Score: 5.745    2007-09-05 13:29:54

How do you build a race car? Is it simple? Is it hard? The only way to find out the answer is to watch the video and convince yourself if is easier to make one or to buy one. Although many of you can say that you prefer to see the car ...

A race

Relevance Score: 5.737    2007-09-16 20:06:54

This interesting video is presenting a race between a plane, a car and a motorcycle. Who do you think is the winner? A race between a plane, a car and a motorcycle [tags]cars,race,plane,motorcycle,car race, winner,video,car videos[/tags]

Champ Car World Series

Relevance Score: 5.684    2007-09-10 11:12:36

After I've presented you the race at the Elkhart Lake, now it's time for the 7th race in Toronto. Champ Car World Series, 7th Race, Toronto [tags]cars,car race,champ car world series,Elkhart Lake,Toronto,car videos,race[/tags]

BMW vs. ZAporojets

Relevance Score: 5.575    2007-09-12 17:50:51

Street race video presenting the race between BMW and an old ZAporojets. BMW vs. ZAporojets [tags]cars,car videos,BMW,street,race,street race,ZAporojets,old cars[/tags]

Unlucky race accidents

Relevance Score: 5.511    2007-08-29 07:01:30

An impressive video presenting unlucky race accidents. Unlucky race accidents [tags]cars,car video,car race,car accidents[/tags]

Funny race

Relevance Score: 5.431    2007-08-06 09:01:30

Crazy Funny Car Race Watch the video, and you can see two Funny Cars barely make it across the finish line, in an amazing race! [tags]cars,car race,car videos,funny,funny race[/tags]

The Baja 1000

Relevance Score: 5.398    2007-09-28 11:16:58

The Baja 1000, a race like no other! A race full of challenge and adventure; a race where legends, such the Iron Man and Johnny Camble make history. So, what is happening in a Baja competition? This is what you are about to find out just watching the video. ...

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