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Dacia Logan Facelift

Relevance Score: 9.064    2008-05-07 19:22:02

Dacia Logan presented the changes that will make on the facelift version. It seems that Dacia has some problems with the internal security, because it doesn’t succeed to keep under secret the new models, versions and upgrades. Everybody is speaking about the facelift model of Logan, but, until soon nobody ...

2009 January - Dacia Sandero in Great Britain

Relevance Score: 8.161    2008-04-07 22:36:36

Dacia, will launch the Sandero model on Great Britain market in 2009, January and will be commercialized of over 300 dealers of Renault. This was declared by the Renault UK General Manager, Roland Bouchara. With the Sandero hatchback, Dacia will be on Great Britain market after a long time. Dacia launched ...

Dacia Sandero: from 7,800 Euros in France

Relevance Score: 7.392    2008-05-20 22:01:46

Dacia launched the new model Sandero French market. Sandero model was launched in France, a market where the French see a very significant sales volume for the new hatchback Dacia. Dacia Sandero: from 7,800 Euros in France. The cheaper version is at 7,800 Euros on the market in France, and ...

Dacia Logan in the sport version - 133 HP

Relevance Score: 6.960    2008-06-22 19:57:47

Logan model will benefit next year of a new motor, the most powerful range. At this point, the most powerful model is the version Logan Prestige motor gasoline on the 1.6 liter, 4 valves / cylinder and 105 HP. For this, Renault wants to make sales little impetus Logan model, which ...

Logan Tuning by TM Concept

Relevance Score: 3.458    2007-08-30 17:57:26

I don’t know how many of you hear about the Romanian concept- Dacia, which collaborates with Renault. Logan is one Renault-Dacia model. TM Concept, the Tarso Marques pilot company changed, by the request of Renault, the Logan, creating the Logan Tuning Prototype. Few changes: ~ changed front and back bars; ~ lateral doorsteps; ~ rims ...


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