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Mercedes SLS AMG 2012 Spied

Relevance Score: 3.412    2011-10-29 22:17:51

One year ago, in 2010, Ola Kaellenius announced at the Los Angeles Motor Show that the Mercedes tuning division would release two very special Black Series cars in the near future.The C63 AMG Coupe Black Series has already been seen and now the second that is Mercedes SLS AMG and ...

Torture test

Relevance Score: 3.047    2007-09-05 20:28:53

When it comes to horsepower, either put up or shut up. Watch the video and see which engine will be history and which one will make history. This is the sickest torture test I've ever seen. Poor car! In new extreme torture test, Castrol SYNTEC 5W-30 maintained maximum horsepower 29% longer ...

Lotus Exige GT3

Relevance Score: 2.392    2007-03-29 20:47:49

Lotus Exige GT3 Lotus has recently unveiled the Lotus Exige GT3 concept road vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show.The engine developes around 270 bhp from 1.8 liter.“The Exige GT3 concept road car is a fantastic showcase product from our race car performance division, Lotus Sport. The car’s racing background becomes immediately ...

Auto-Expo in Varna

Relevance Score: 2.351    2007-09-05 18:34:35

Images from Auto-Expo in Varna (Bulgaria). Place and date: "Sport Palace" 25.08-02.09 2007. Cars in the images, are: Alfa Romeo 159, BMW 118d, BMW 320ci, BMW X5 30d, Brabus GL, Chrysler 300 C Diesel, Citroen C2, Citroen C4, Citroen C5, Fiat Bravo, Fiat Linea, Fiat Punto, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Ford ...

The Most Expensive Car

Relevance Score: 2.163    2007-12-17 12:43:51

I bet that not once you've wondered which one is the most expensive car in history. So, I thought that I should bring you this article, in which I'm about to present you the features of the most expensive car in the history. It is a Bugatti, as many of you ...

Super Lamborghini track ready

Relevance Score: 1.907    2007-07-14 11:56:06

I would love to have a standard Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 with its feral look, rocket style propulsion and hellish exhaust note. But, I heard that isn’t the last Lamborghini that you can currently buy. Or is it? A German company for tuning cars, named Hamann has modified an LP640 into the ...

More about Lotus 2-Eleven

Relevance Score: 1.899    2007-07-09 15:33:47

Lotus 2-Eleven is a race car with powerful engine. If you are going to test it, you are going to feel that you fly and your eyeballs will try to pop up the side of your head. Just try few S curves and your hearth and breath will be disoriented. ...

Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS Concept

Relevance Score: 1.701    2007-12-28 18:47:43

The V12 Vantage RS concept is based on Aston Martin's critically acclaimed V8 Vantage coupe, but the company's design and engineering team have fully exploited the design flexibility of their unique VH architecture and the motor sport development of their 6.0 litre V12 engine to create a dramatic and production ...

Lamborghini Reventon

Relevance Score: 1.600    2007-09-14 13:10:37

Extreme €1,000,000 Lamborghini Reventon is present at the Frankfurt show. Lamborghini Reventon is a fighter jet inspired exclusive for special edition from 2008. This car is really amazing and it surely takes your breath away. The Lamborghini President and CEO, Stephan Winkelman described this car as: “Uncompromising… a true automotive superlative.” ...

8 Advices how to prepare your car for the winter

Relevance Score: 1.531    2006-11-22 21:46:52

Revisions It is very clear that we have to make al revisions before winter catch us (oil change, oil filter, gas/L.P.G./diesel filter, brakes plates, etc.). 8 Advices how to prepare your car for the winter Battery Car’s battery must be checked for making sure that it works the best. Attention! ...

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