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Ford Reveals Mondeo

Relevance Score: 16.812    2012-01-10 22:27:22

Ford has officially revealed its all-new Mondeo sedan at the Detroit Motor Show. Unveiled as the Ford Fusion, the new model will be badged as the Mondeo for the European and Australian market as part of the auto manufacturer’s One Ford policy for designing an engineering vehicles to be distributed ...

New James Bond Ford Mondeo car

Relevance Score: 13.997    2006-10-26 23:28:27

Everybody knows something about 007. But for news, you have to know something about the latest set of wheels. Well, the wait is over with pictures from the set of Casino Royale of James Bond’s new care…. the new Ford Mondeo. New James Bond Ford Mondeo car ...

Ford Focus 2012

Relevance Score: 8.589    2012-09-25 19:53:28

It is widely known that one of Ford’s most popular and enduring models has become the biggest selling car in the world this year. But many of you cannot really find the reasons. To start with, the imposing appearance of the front grille and bonnet, through to the slick bodywork and ...

The Ford EcoSport Concept

Relevance Score: 8.069    2012-01-09 16:23:36

The new EcoSport car model has recently been revealed by Ford’s chief executive officer Alan Mulally at the 2012 Delhi Motor Show. The eco-friendly SUV launched alongside seven other new Ford models in India by the middle of the decade.  Based on Fiesta running gear, the B-platform is destined to underpin ...

The 2013 Ford Fusion-Logo Recognition App

Relevance Score: 7.353    2011-12-14 18:26:22

    The 2013 Fusion is being teased by Ford via mobile apps which fans can download for iPhone or Android by pointing the camera of the device at the Ford logo either from a car, online or an image in a magazine. After the logo was read by the application, a ...

First picture with the new Ford Ka

Relevance Score: 6.719    2008-08-05 20:42:39

First generation of Ka model was a small revolution in design time. Perfect forms combined with carefully drawn body attract any attention, and Ford had pulsed then with the first generation of Focus, drawn in the same way. Small Ka, promoted as a car extremely useful in the cities, but ...

2025 Lincoln Student Project

Relevance Score: 6.368    2012-02-05 20:36:15

Two students from Lawrence Technology University in Michigan, U.S.A Colin Bonathan and Jeeho Cha have presented renderings of their proposal for an all-electric Lincoln Continental for production in 2025. The project made a strong impression amongst Ford company, especially due to the futuristic and innovative aspects. The students started to work ...

It is official! Fiat 500 is The Winner

Relevance Score: 5.857    2007-11-20 08:52:19

The Italian press had good sources when they have announced few days ago that Fiat 500 is 2008 European Car. And now it is official, because Fiat 500 beat Mazda2 in the final and now it is The Car of the Year in Europe. The small 500 is the winner with ...

Under a Ford Excursion

Relevance Score: 5.416    2007-09-03 10:48:48

I think that was a very long night laying under a Ford Excursion, don't you think? Under a Ford Excursion [tags]cars,Ford,car videos,Ford Excursion[/tags]

The New Range Rover 2012 Spotted

Relevance Score: 5.414    2012-01-05 11:05:31

The new Range Rover 2012 has been spotted in Dubai, during a driving test, all in camouflage. Consequently, anyone who was afraid Land Rover was not paying attention to the off-road models, can stay at ease, because there is no other place in the world to test such a car ...

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