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Alton Truck Company F650 Custom

Relevance Score: 13.819    2008-04-24 23:39:51

Ford F-650-based SUVs at $200,000 from Alton Truck Company is a very impressive truck. This seven door Ford features an insane amount of body work and packs in a Caterpillar 7.2L C7 ACERT engine with 230 hp and 660 lb.-ft. of torque. While the hoards of un-dead are smashed outside, ...

2009 Ford F-150

Relevance Score: 8.562    2008-01-13 16:47:08

Behold! It is the dawn of a new era in trucks! Or at least it's the 2009 Ford F-150. Not a merciless robotic killer, this is, in fact, the full-luxury Platinum version of the 2009 Ford F-150. The With seven distinct trim lines and one gazillion possible configurations, the F-150 should ...

Ford GT modyfied by EDO COMPETITION

Relevance Score: 7.108    2007-04-26 17:44:00

Ford GT modyfied by EDO COMPETITION Allthough you may have thought that the new Ford GT doesn't need any tuning, the boys from EDO had a different opinion.The result is a super sportscar with a supercharged engine introduced by the german tuner.This supercharger provides enough horsepower to break your neck with ...

700 hp Ford GT

Relevance Score: 6.683    2008-03-18 20:04:08

A Great Britain tuner launched a limited edition for Ford GT model. One of the most impressive cars ever build by Ford (talking about the super-sportive models) is in the center of our attention after it was “re-build” by a British tuner, Avro Motor Cars, that had prepared a great ...

392 Hemi Dodge Challenger Super Stock

Relevance Score: 6.250    2006-12-18 10:42:09

Based on the concept that will appear on public roads, the Americans have developed a race version, named 392 Hemi Dodge Challenger Super Stock, presented at SEMA tuning show. With this Dodge, its creators ...

Super Lamborghini track ready

Relevance Score: 5.989    2007-07-14 11:56:06

I would love to have a standard Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 with its feral look, rocket style propulsion and hellish exhaust note. But, I heard that isn’t the last Lamborghini that you can currently buy. Or is it? A German company for tuning cars, named Hamann has modified an LP640 into the ...

Loremo Super Efficient Car Prototype

Relevance Score: 5.647    2007-10-11 18:33:01

Loremo impressed with this super efficient car prototype presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this year. I’ve write you before about Aptera, then about Tesla, and now it’s all about Loremo, amazing car, which has small consumption, of 2 liter per 100 km, or 120 miles with one gallon. Not ...

Super Powered Car

Relevance Score: 5.539    2007-09-16 19:08:52

The power demonstrated with this car is just amazing. Super Powered Car [tags]cars,super,power,car videos[/tags]

Under a Ford Excursion

Relevance Score: 5.416    2007-09-03 10:48:48

I think that was a very long night laying under a Ford Excursion, don't you think? Under a Ford Excursion [tags]cars,Ford,car videos,Ford Excursion[/tags]

Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept

Relevance Score: 5.412    2007-08-27 11:15:07

Ford Shelby was and is a real success all the time. But, after big selling and notice rising, it seems that the assembly line will be forced to shut down, because the GT doesn’t meet federal standards for 2007. That’s too bad! It seems that they are creating another sport car to ...

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