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Subaru Outback Sport- spy picture

Relevance Score: 5.594    2007-07-24 16:05:37

Subaru want to make a great impression with the new Outback Sport. Outback Sport has a different grille and great chrome strip at the top, narrower chrome side edges and a dip at the bottom center of the grille. For me, this is the same grille (or maybe is very ...

Range Rover Sport Conqueror by Hamann

Relevance Score: 4.931    2007-08-29 12:39:28

The tuning chip “Conqueror” from Hamann, for Range Rover includes wide-body kit, interior accessories, until 23 inch rims and upgrades for different engines for the model. Range Rover Sport Conqueror by Hamann engines The power increases, obtained especially by re-software, are the following: ~ 225 hp at 4,000 rpm, 510 Nm at 1,900 ...

Jeep Compass Sport 2007 news

Relevance Score: 4.899    2006-11-10 14:55:51

As we all know very well, Jeep is a brand for almost 65 years. In 2007 Jeep launches it’s Compass. This car is the first front wheel drive based from Jeep. Compass represents “a new type of Jeep vehicle for nontraditional Jeep buyers”, like George Murphy says, the global marketing ...

2008 Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan Aero

Relevance Score: 4.586    2007-10-18 11:49:53

The new 9-3 Sport Sedan Aero was created by Saab with a V6, of 2.8 liter, turbo engine, which developed 280 hp (at 5,000 rpm). The maximum torque is of 499 Nm at 1,800- 5,000 rpm. The gear shift offered is standard, with 6 speed manual transmission. But you can obtain ...

Range Rover sport tuning

Relevance Score: 4.544    2007-08-08 11:47:39

The British company- Arden Tuning realized a super sportive version of Ranger Rover Sport SUV. Do you thought that the Range Rover SUV can be better? Well, it can. The Arden tuning specialists, used to the British engine changes, though that can make the maximum sporty and aggressively from Range Rover ...

Fiat Panda Sport- Small but charming

Relevance Score: 4.364    2006-11-11 14:41:10

Fiat Panda Sport it wasn’t a sport car and everyone could see that! So, the Italians tried to change this aspect and the result is Fiat Panda Sport 100 hp presented in Paris. Fiat Panda Sport- Small but charming 1.2 litre engine was replaced with a 1.4 one with 16 valves which ...

New Maserati GT Sport

Relevance Score: 4.296    2012-02-21 16:56:16

It looks like the aging GranTurismo S is going to be replaced by Maserati with a new Gran Turismo Sport, which Is due to be unveiled next month at the Geneva Motor Show. This model is in fact the coupe version of the GranTurismo Convertible Sport, launched in 2011 that offers ...

Range Rover Sport with Wing Doors

Relevance Score: 4.123    2007-07-27 10:53:02

Arden a Range Rover tuning specialist has presented a new “wing door” feature to its Range Rover Sport model, to give its customers an “individualized customization”. The wing door system works by a “specialized door hinge unit that opens the original door first to the outside, then steadily glides it ...

Renault Clio Sport Limited Edition

Relevance Score: 4.070    2007-04-17 13:46:38

Renault Clio Sport Limited Edition More powerful,more aerodynamic, more atrractive, this is the new Clio Limited Edition by Renault.Designed with massive 17 inches wheels and chrome ornaments this Clio is an outstanding sport car which will be launched on the market in 2007 in France and Italy. Renault Clio Sport Limited Edition ...

Lexus IS F Circuit Club Sport

Relevance Score: 4.031    2011-11-26 20:35:50

Lexus handed already its fast IS F over to the go-fast team at Toyota Racing Development and produced the IS F Circuit Club Sport where the sport sedan received a variety of mechanical and aero adjustments and improvements. As you might remember, the concept was first unveiled by Lexus at ...

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