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TwinTech V-Twin Formula Car by Ariel

TwinTech V-Twin Formula Car
Its a car but its propulsed by a motor-cycle engine.This S&S V-Twin engine provides just 125 BHP but thanks to the light weight of the car its performance are incredible.This Ariel can go from 0 to 60 MPH in under 4.5 seconds and it can deliver forces of 1.1 G.
TwinTech V-Twin Formula Car
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TwinTech V-Twin Formula Car
Its easy and fun to drive and after a few runs you may consider that you’ve made a good 50000$ investement.The wheels are 17 inches Kosel forged with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires and it uses an upside-down Volkswagen transaxle and sequential-shift Hewland box to put the power down.
TwinTech V-Twin Formula Car
The weight disribution is a perfect 50/50.

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Fun with a “tractor”

I guess this is not the “car” of your dreams, but I bet that you could’nt imagine that you can do so many things with an tractor.

In the future, maybe we’ll be able to see “tractors tuning”.:)

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Real Cars Controlled by remote

How fun is to play with RC cars ? How much more fun would it be to control real cars ? Big and powerfull, fullsize cars ? Watch this video and prepare to have a laugh.

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Car in Winter

This is what you will get if you don’t follow these 8 Advices how to prepare your car for the winter.So, read the article slowly and enjoy the video by making fun of other people!

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Lotus 2 Eleven video

After I’ve presented you a small description of Lotus 2 Eleven, you surely want to see this Fifth Gear video! Have fun!

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Dodge Viper Drifting

Here you can see a 500+ hp Dodge Viper drifting. Have fun and read more about this beautiful car in the next article, Dodge Viper Snakeskin by Prefix.

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