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Different Car Logos

Relevance Score: 6.907    2008-03-13 20:09:54

I know that for many of us the most important thing about the car is their logo, because we all recognize a car after it logo. Have you ever thought at a Ferrari with a different logo? Well, it seems that are few designers that re-designed the car logos and ...

BMW Recycling and Disassembly Center

Relevance Score: 4.156    2007-09-13 18:12:27

BMW Group had already opened the doors to its Recycling and Disassembly Center (RDC) in 1990, long before the German Government had changed its policies about recycling. BMW Recycling and Disassembly Center [tags]cars,BMW,BMW group,Recycling and Disassembly Center,RDC,German Government,recycling,car videos[/tags]


Relevance Score: 3.482    2007-04-26 20:53:56

The german tuner, ABT designed a tuning concept for the Audi R8.They've managed to improve the perfomance and the appearance.The big 4.2 liter petrol engine will develop 110 BHP more than the stock version thanks to the ABT supercharger.With 530 BHP the R8 will reach 60 MPH in under 3.9 ...

Hummer GT by Geigercar

Relevance Score: 3.125    2007-04-03 23:09:02

Hummer GT by Geigercar The german tuner, Geigercar managed to tune a Hummer H2 and they've called it the Hummer GT.Its big because its a Hummer, its powerful because its a Geigercar and most of all its mighty because its a tuned Hummer.The wheels used by the tuner are 30 inches ...

Hamilton - Real Winner at Hockenheim

Relevance Score: 2.926    2008-07-22 19:43:35

The British pilot, Lewis Hamilton won the Sunday, the German Grand Prix dominating the authoritarian from the beginning until the very end race hosted by the Hockenheim circuit. The podium was completed Brazilians Nelson Piquet (Renault) and Felipe Massa (Ferrari). Being in pole position at start, Lewis Hamilton has controlled ...

ART tuned a Mercedes GL

Relevance Score: 2.886    2007-04-20 00:22:04

ART tuned a Mercedes GL The german tuner concentrated on the looks of the GL class rather than its performance but minors power upgrades are now available for the big and luxury SUV.We must say that they had a hard time trying to make this car look better because Mercedes done ...


Relevance Score: 2.699    2007-03-25 19:45:33

AUDI TT ABT TUNING AUDI TT ABT TUNING The famous German tuner ABT managed to desing a special body kit for the nesw Audi TT allthought this car combines clarity and form with modern technology.“This is the best precondition we can imagine to perfect a car,” explains Hans-Jurgen Abt, managing ...

New Subaru Impreza

Relevance Score: 2.695    2007-08-22 17:31:13

Subaru Impreza- The Japanese car that Germans wish they'd made. Subaru Impreza [tags]cars,Subaru,Impreza,new,Japanese,German,Subaru Impreza,commercial,car videos[/tags]

Brabus G V12 Biturbo

Relevance Score: 2.559    2009-02-20 12:32:18

BRABUS G V12 S Biturbo: The world’s most powerful off-roader comes from BRABUS. It is built by hand based on the latest Mercedes G-Classe. The exclusive five-door is powered by a BRABUS SV12 S displacement engine. Like all special models of BRABUS – recognized by the German Vehicle Registration Agency ...

Opel Insignia - Sport Package

Relevance Score: 2.547    2008-12-01 10:30:44

Although the Opel Insignia has been praised for it's inovative styling, the German tuning company Steinmetz believes that there's still room for lots of visual upgrades. The styling package from Steinmetz contains blacked-out frong grille, spoiler pack, tailpipes, body stripes, and 20-inch alloy wheels and a lowering kit. All these ...

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