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Who killed the electric car?

Relevance Score: 6.343    2007-09-11 17:48:04

We all know about the global warming, pollution. It seems that all we see is a higher gas price. For all this, there is an alternative. In 1996, electric cars seem to appear on roads all over the California. They were fast, good and run without gas. These futuristic cars ...

News from Tesla Motors

Relevance Score: 5.829    2007-10-02 09:58:08

Tesla Motors announced, last week that they will have another delay in delivering its all-electric sport car. They’ve made a letter to customers and the CEO, Michael Marks said that Tesla Roadster (I’ve presented you in a previous article) will now come in 2008. In the beginning they’ve announced that ...

Volkswagen Golf Twin Drive

Relevance Score: 5.488    2008-06-30 21:17:56

Volkswagen introduced a new hybrid technology that we see in a series. Volkswagen introduced the concept Golf Twin Drive which wants to join the constructors that bet on hybrid propulsion, as a future technology. The model presented by VW has the advantage that has an electric motor that can be downloaded from ...

Go-One3 Velomobile

Relevance Score: 5.288    2007-11-02 12:33:07

Go-One3 Velomobile with electric assist is made by Beyss and it is a three-wheel tricycle that is considered the HPV- human- powered vehicle. Beyss has been manufacturing lightweight vehicles and velocipedes since 1991. This velomobile can be expanded at 700-watt electrical assist motor, if somebody wants. Powered primarily by granola bars and ...

Mitsubishi and Peugeot could collaborate to develop electric cars

Relevance Score: 5.276    2008-06-19 19:12:27

Automobile manufacturers PSA Peugeot Citroen and Mitsubishi have announced a cooperation agreement for the trains run on electric cars, according to Financial Times. The companies will sign a letter of intent to investigate, develop, produce and use motors, inverters and other electrical components for automobiles. The second largest European manufacturer will ...

The final frontier: Aptera EV/Hybrid

Relevance Score: 4.838    2007-10-02 11:27:00

People, prepare yourself to meet the future! The final frontier is coming with the pod-racer EV by Aptera. This futuristic car is fairly conventional for an electric vehicle, strange by its look and tri-wheel configuration. Aptera will come in two powerplants: a Volt style hybrid with fuel efficient gas engine, which ...

Fast Lane Daily Today News

Relevance Score: 4.654    2007-09-07 12:17:31

Volvo revealed a brand new hybrid concept and Porsche has a little “heat” to the Cayenne. These are the news from Fast Lane Daily, for today. The Volvo recharged is a plug-in hybrid concept car, which the company says it will travel with only 62 mph with the electric engine, ...

Mitsubishi brings the new electric car called i-MiEV

Relevance Score: 4.387    2009-04-13 15:30:47

Mitsubishi has announced that the new i MiEV electrical vehicle, already a hit in test drives and nearly needed in joint programs with power societies across the world, will be coming to the USA This move has going suggested at for a long-term while, but now we recognize for particular ...

Tesla Roadster with temporary transmissions

Relevance Score: 4.038    2007-12-14 22:16:51

Tesla Roadster should be launched before the end of the year. But it looks like the launch of the wicked-fast electric car will be postponed because the company is having some problems finding a transmission strong enough to handle gear shifts while the car runs at full torque. In the ...

The most economical Audi Q7: Hybrid

Relevance Score: 3.871    2008-05-21 14:02:18

Audi will launch this year's version of the model Q7 Hybrid. The idea is not new, people from presenting Audi Q7 Hybrid concept a few years ago, but at the end of 2008 the car will enter series production. The Germans have revealed that work on this car for some time, ...

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