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Updated Jeep Grand Cherokee

Relevance Score: 21.266    2007-04-03 02:00:56

Jeep Grand Cherokee Jeep unveiled its new Grand Cherokee at the New York Auto Show.The changes are present both at the interior and the exterior, the front end is slightly different, teh headlights are bigger and reshaped with an old flashlite effect, the radiator grill is lower and bigger. Jeep Grand Cherokee ...

Jeep Compass Sport 2007 news

Relevance Score: 8.385    2006-11-10 14:55:51

As we all know very well, Jeep is a brand for almost 65 years. In 2007 Jeep launches it’s Compass. This car is the first front wheel drive based from Jeep. Compass represents “a new type of Jeep vehicle for nontraditional Jeep buyers”, like George Murphy says, the global marketing ...

MILA Alpin Concept

Relevance Score: 8.277    2008-08-06 20:31:40

Austrian company Magna Steyr will present a concept in Geneva called MILA Alpine, with an angle of attack of 45 degrees. Until today, the name Magna Steyr was known mainly because under this title plant produces several models in the world universally recognized as a BMW X3, Jeep Grand Cherokee ...

Amazing Amphibious Platypus Jeep

Relevance Score: 6.845    2008-04-25 23:46:16

If you want to buy an amphibious vehicle with assault potential but don't want something as big as the DUKW, perhaps this custom Jeep will be perfect for you. Built by the folks at the Amphibious Vehicle Design Studio, the Platypus Jeep is a paragon of on-road and in-water capabilities. ...

Opel- 4 new models

Relevance Score: 5.014    2006-11-20 19:42:29

Opel producers are upset for years, because their sales decreases and intend to resolve this problem with new models. In Germany, at General Motors was an announcement that Opel will have four new models. Between all these, the most important one will be a jeep, a novelty for Opel, who ...

EarthRoamer XV-JP

Relevance Score: 4.825    2008-02-18 11:47:59

The EarthRoamer XV-JP is a case where necessity is truly the mother of invention. There exists a niche market that has been demanding the livability and functionality of an RV; the capability and prowess of a four-wheel drive Jeep Rubicon and the talent and creative genius of someone who can ...

Alfa Romeo wants a new speed record

Relevance Score: 4.334    2008-07-28 20:22:19

The fastest model Alfa Romeo will compete on the circuit of salt to the Bonneville speed record fell in the category Blown Gas Modified Sports. Even if aerodynamics and looks very modern, the model is built on an Alfa Romeo Spider in 1991 platform. Named Bonnie, after the place in ...

Top 10 Car Accidents

Relevance Score: 4.272    2008-01-21 13:44:20

Car accidents are the most unlucky thing that it can happen by driving a car. They are sometimes inevitable and the moments before they happen with the feeling of helplessness can be very terrifying. Unfortunately, lately the accidents are more and more, day by day. This Top is about to ...

GM invests $73 million in Hummer H3T

Relevance Score: 4.040    2007-11-06 19:55:00

General Motors announced that will invest $73 million for developing the new model from Hummer family, called H3T. H3T it’s a light lorry, with generous charging space, not just a SUV with a bigger boot. Production will start until the end of the year, and the selling will be, earlier in ...

Cerberus is buying Chrysler

Relevance Score: 3.955    2007-08-08 10:07:07

The German auto company, DaimlerChrysler announced that it finalized the selling of the majority package to its American division to a company of Cerberus Capital Management investments fund. Cerberus Capital Management must pay $ 10.1 milliards for 80.1% from Chrysler. “It is a new chapter in our company history”, said the ...

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