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Lotus Exige S

Relevance Score: 7.207    2008-04-08 19:10:44

Lotus Exige S was presented at World SuperCar Korea Tour. This is a very beautiful car with amazing power that is displaying a total of twenty world class super-cars, including Pagandi Zonda F, Ferrari Enzo and even Koenigsegg CCR. The World Super Car Korea Tour with Kim Jung Man was at ...

More about Lotus 2-Eleven

Relevance Score: 6.844    2007-07-09 15:33:47

Lotus 2-Eleven is a race car with powerful engine. If you are going to test it, you are going to feel that you fly and your eyeballs will try to pop up the side of your head. Just try few S curves and your hearth and breath will be disoriented. ...

Lotus news

Relevance Score: 6.531    2006-12-04 22:50:17

Lotus prepared a standard version of Elise, a cheaper one. Practically, it was prepared a 1.8 litres and 134 hp Toyota engine, but the exterior is the same. New Elise S accelerates from 0 to ...

The Project Eagle from Lotus

Relevance Score: 6.418    2008-04-03 13:27:53

Carsandtuning.org presents you some interesting spied photos with the new project from Lotus, called "Eagle". The Project Eagle will be the new Lotus flagship that will offer a step up in performance, luxury and status from the established Elise family. To achieve this it will need a serious power hike and ...

Caterham Technology and Innovation (CTI) Developing Sports Cars

Relevance Score: 5.674    2011-09-29 20:30:53

A new standalone engineering company that is going to manufacture a range of affordable sports cars was established by Niche British vehicle manufacturer Caterham Cars. The responsible for the development of the completely new line of accessible sports cars that are going to be inspired by the same lightweight and ...

Lotus 2 Eleven video

Relevance Score: 5.560    2007-07-09 15:37:37

After I've presented you a small description of Lotus 2 Eleven, you surely want to see this Fifth Gear video! Have fun! [tags]cars,car videos,Fifth Gear,Lotus,Lotus 2-Eleven[/tags]

Lotus Exige GT3

Relevance Score: 5.311    2007-03-29 20:47:49

Lotus Exige GT3 Lotus has recently unveiled the Lotus Exige GT3 concept road vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show.The engine developes around 270 bhp from 1.8 liter.“The Exige GT3 concept road car is a fantastic showcase product from our race car performance division, Lotus Sport. The car’s racing background becomes immediately ...

Lotus Europa S luxury pack

Relevance Score: 5.226    2007-04-20 00:58:12

Lotus Europa S luxury pack Lotus made a luxury touring pack for the Europa S.This changes are: leather interior and wood elements that make the car more luxury and elegant but it also adds more weight to the vehicle.The Engine Start buton and the Gear Knob are made from Walnut and ...

Daily news

Relevance Score: 5.218    2007-09-25 12:15:24

Lotus is preparing for a new limited edition model, is the Lotus Exige S Club Racer. Lotus says that only 25 pieces will be build, powered by a supercharged inter-cooled 1.8 liter, producing 280 hp. The limited edition model will only be available in the UK and it won’t come ...

Lotus Elise video- Top Gear

Relevance Score: 5.079    2006-12-04 22:30:35

Watch the video that presents Top Gear testing the second generation Elise. It is a great car, and you have no excuse for not watching this! Just enjoy, because it is amazing… look at the part where J.C. gets half-out and leans on the windshield, because it is a tiny ...

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