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Mercedes-Benz tuning

Relevance Score: 8.832    2006-12-01 18:15:34

Kleemann KD-Box KD-Box is a new tuning solution from Kleemann. This is a great solution for diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz and it can be mounted very easy at the same time with ECU, offering a better torque, ...

730 hp Mercedes SL from Brabus

Relevance Score: 7.704    2008-05-08 19:00:49

Brabus prepared the last facelift version of Mercedes SL. Brabus wanted to impress everybody with this amazing tuning kit. And now, if there are many tuners, Brabus prepared a tuning kit with exceptional technical details that can’t be competed. The Germans mounted on new SL the most powerful engine they ...

Mercedes CLS video

Relevance Score: 7.261    2006-12-05 22:03:29

I love this Mercedes CLS and I think this video is presenting what awesome car and what amazing rims have… I’m not very sure, but what do you think, 20 inches? Or 22? Who know, please tell me! Enjoy watching this video! Mercedes CLS video [tags]cars,Mercedes CLS,Mercedes,wheels,rims,car videos,car tuning,Mercedes tuning[/tags]

Mercedes-Benz SLK by Rieger

Relevance Score: 7.031    2008-01-07 22:09:00

Mercedes-Benz SLK continues in the legacy of smaller luxurious sport convertibles that started in 1954 with the model 190 SL (W121). I think you know this SL and it was very successful. Why not, it has not only unique design, but also handling far better then other cars in that ...

Mercedes S-Klasse by Wald International

Relevance Score: 6.888    2008-03-27 19:42:58

The Wald International tuner shows us that not only Europeans know to tune a car. Wald International is one of the most important luxury tuners from Japan. Wald doesn’t tune only the premium cars, but they also presented many exceptional kits. The Japanese don’t care too much about the technical ...

Stola Concept

Relevance Score: 6.109    2007-08-10 13:35:39

The Italian Stola Group, creator of the Maybach Exelero has their own gafillion dollar luxo-stream. The nameless coupe is powered by Mercedes AMG’s 6.0 litres V12, twin turbo and it’s tuned by Brabus. Stola said that the 750 hp beauty can reach 200 mph. They have declared that clients can ...

BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Power Kit

Relevance Score: 6.106    2008-01-30 21:36:26

The Brabus Company started to promote their new BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Power Kit that it is suitable for Mercedes E300 Bluetec and it can supply a power of 47 hp (35 kW). Not too bad, isn’t so? The Mercedes E 300 BLUETEC with Brabus tuning stayed below permissible exhaust limits ...

My tuning car

Relevance Score: 6.036    2007-09-27 11:46:05

I hope you are not upset about the title. Is not really my car, but I would love this to be my car. I would feel a lot of joy driving it on the European roads. I’m not sure if this car is very powerful (I don’t think it is), but ...

Mercedes B-Class

Relevance Score: 5.997    2007-07-10 13:58:00

General Manager of Mercedes from USA announced that the new B-Class, which will be launched in 2011, will be available on US Market, too. They planned this for the actual model, too, but euro-dollar rates of exchange are not profitably. And for this reason, German produces had suffered some loss. [tags]cars,Mercedes ...

Tuning for Mercedes

Relevance Score: 5.968    2007-11-27 20:28:11

I love to see a Mercedes-Benz, but I prefer to see one after it was modified by a tuning firm. So, for this I have a question: What company you should use to create a perfect tuned Mercedes-Benz? This article is comparing three big names in tuning area: AMG, Brabus and ...

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