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First picture with the new Ford Ka

Relevance Score: 6.821    2008-08-05 20:42:39

First generation of Ka model was a small revolution in design time. Perfect forms combined with carefully drawn body attract any attention, and Ford had pulsed then with the first generation of Focus, drawn in the same way. Small Ka, promoted as a car extremely useful in the cities, but ...

700 hp Ford GT

Relevance Score: 6.364    2008-03-18 20:04:08

A Great Britain tuner launched a limited edition for Ford GT model. One of the most impressive cars ever build by Ford (talking about the super-sportive models) is in the center of our attention after it was “re-build” by a British tuner, Avro Motor Cars, that had prepared a great ...

Ford FPV GT Cobra

Relevance Score: 6.298    2007-10-19 16:36:45

Ford FPV GT Cobra was presented by Ford Performance Vehicles. This is available in two models: Cobra Sedan and Cobra Ute (pickup). Both variants have under their hood the V8 Boss engine, with 5.4 liter, quad-cam, 32 valve, which develops 405 hp (302 hp) and has a maximum torque of 540 ...

Ford Focus 2012

Relevance Score: 6.134    2012-09-25 19:53:28

It is widely known that one of Ford’s most popular and enduring models has become the biggest selling car in the world this year. But many of you cannot really find the reasons. To start with, the imposing appearance of the front grille and bonnet, through to the slick bodywork and ...

The Ford EcoSport Concept

Relevance Score: 6.133    2012-01-09 16:23:36

The new EcoSport car model has recently been revealed by Ford’s chief executive officer Alan Mulally at the 2012 Delhi Motor Show. The eco-friendly SUV launched alongside seven other new Ford models in India by the middle of the decade.  Based on Fiesta running gear, the B-platform is destined to underpin ...

Ford Focus Cabriolet at 2008 Geneva Auto Show

Relevance Score: 5.817    2008-03-11 21:24:51

Ford Focus Cabriolet Ford presented at 2008 Geneva Auto Show the new Focus model, which will be named “Focus Cabriolet”. Geneva Auto Show 2008 is the first auto show this year and it’s presented concepts, hybrids, sport models and many more. Ford Focus was present with its new coupe ...

Ford invests in Europe

Relevance Score: 5.609    2007-08-02 11:55:49

What they offer? • Big employment rate, starting from 7,000- 9,000 employees • Annual production of 300,000 vehicles • Higher engine production – approximate 300,000 pieces • Huge investments Fords strategy consist in developing big factory in Europe it the company CEO wants to invest € 675 million in this. This investment is to modernize and create a factory ...

Under a Ford Excursion

Relevance Score: 5.416    2007-09-03 10:48:48

I think that was a very long night laying under a Ford Excursion, don't you think? Under a Ford Excursion [tags]cars,Ford,car videos,Ford Excursion[/tags]

Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept

Relevance Score: 5.412    2007-08-27 11:15:07

Ford Shelby was and is a real success all the time. But, after big selling and notice rising, it seems that the assembly line will be forced to shut down, because the GT doesn’t meet federal standards for 2007. That’s too bad! It seems that they are creating another sport car to ...

I wish I’ve bought- Ford Mustang

Relevance Score: 5.271    2007-08-18 07:00:23

You know that yesterday I’ve write you a little article regarding one car I wish I’ve bought. The series started with Lancia Delta Integrale continues with Ford Mustang. WhyFord Mustang? Well, this beauty was launched in 1964 and the original Ford Mustang became the fastest selling sport car in history, delivering more ...

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