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LA Motor Show Green photo gallery

Relevance Score: 6.226    2007-11-23 16:57:29

Green concepts were the number one priority to this year LA Motor Show. Honda presented the first true production fuel cell car, named FCX Clarity. The Green Car of the Year was the Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, which is a 2.5 ton 7 seater V8 powered. Porsche got all tree-huggy with a hybrid ...

5 Million BMW 5 Series

Relevance Score: 5.270    2008-02-04 21:34:57

The Dingolfing factory had celebrated 5 million BMW 5 Series during 5 generations. All started in 1972, when BMW finalized new BMW headquarter: at Frankfurt Auto Show it was presented first generation of BMW 5 Series. First units were produced in Munich and in 1973’s autumn they were moved at ...

New Skoda Fabia RS of 174 HP!

Relevance Score: 4.670    2008-06-02 20:57:53

Skoda is preparing the best sport version of the range of Fabia. Those from Autocar know that the new Fabia RS model will no longer have a propellant turbodiesel, as was the first generation. The Czechs prepare for the new Fabia RS a propellant gas, 1.4 litres of TSI. An ...

First official photos with new Volkswagen Golf!

Relevance Score: 4.651    2008-08-11 20:34:44

Over several days VW will officially present the sixth generation of the Golf model. There will be a big surprise because too few official pictures have already started to circulate on the Internet. The current generation Golf, the fifth, was a success for Volkswagen, as otherwise all previous generations. And ...

First picture with the new Ford Ka

Relevance Score: 4.490    2008-08-05 20:42:39

First generation of Ka model was a small revolution in design time. Perfect forms combined with carefully drawn body attract any attention, and Ford had pulsed then with the first generation of Focus, drawn in the same way. Small Ka, promoted as a car extremely useful in the cities, but ...

Citroen C3 Picasso - Preview of the new C3

Relevance Score: 4.318    2008-07-14 21:04:54

Citroen introduced the first pictures and information with the new C3 Picasso, a model which will start on the market this year. Citroen's new generation of the model C3 and chose to do so in a way particularly May. The French have now presented a new mono-volume based C3, which they ...

The New BMW 3 Series-Gallery

Relevance Score: 3.817    2011-10-22 20:51:17

The brand new 3 Series sedan from BMW has just been launched and is expected to be on the international market in February 2012. Although the sixth generation 3 series F30 has grown in size offering a slightly longer wheelbase, a wider track and some extra rear legroom, BMW are ...

Top Gear- Maybach 62

Relevance Score: 3.661    2007-09-12 08:04:06

Meet the new mother of limousines: The Maybach 62. The car costs £281,380, but before you rush out to buy one, it is better to watch Top Gear in action. That means that they have been testing the Maybach 62. At 250 km you can hear NOTHING! This is amazing! ...

Renault presents new generation Symbol

Relevance Score: 3.252    2008-08-25 16:25:40

The French manufacturer presented first photos of Clio sedan version. There were too many information, but those photos and we realize that many things have changed in approach, without (yet) the current generation Clio Symbol. First, French have individualized the car. I mean the model is called Symbol (Thalia in ...

The concept from Hyundai: Veloster

Relevance Score: 3.244    2007-04-21 01:09:50

Hyundai Veloster This concept was unveiled at the Seoul Motor Show 2007 Edition.This car is a sporty roadster designed for the young generation and it demontrates that Hyundai has grown as a car manufacturer.From tha name we can imagine the car performance and aspect, Veloster=velocity + roadster. Hyundai Veloster Hyundai Veloster The ...

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