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Opel- 4 new models

Relevance Score: 10.322    2006-11-20 19:42:29

Opel producers are upset for years, because their sales decreases and intend to resolve this problem with new models. In Germany, at General Motors was an announcement that Opel will have four new models. Between all these, the most important one will be a jeep, a novelty for Opel, who ...

Opel Vivaro VPC

Relevance Score: 6.769    2007-11-08 22:04:19

Opel Vivaro VPC was presented by Opel in Holland, as a limited series for Opel Vivaro, modified in OPC style. Opel Vivaro VPC features: - Color- OPC typically blue; - OPC rims; - Aerodynamic kit; - Evacuation with trapezoidal finishes; - Engine- 2.5 liter CDTi turbodiesel, which develops 143 hp; - Recaro sport seats. Price for this version, Opel Vivaro VPC is of ...

Opel Corsa Van

Relevance Score: 6.236    2006-11-16 18:10:16

In Paris, Opel presented Corsa Van concept, based on 3 doors small class model. With 2 black panels instead of field glass, the car propose an comfortable interior that will not affect it’s look dynamics. Opel Corsa Van Speaking about the look, the concept announce, for the future Corsa OPC ...

The future Opel Astra will come in 2010

Relevance Score: 6.168    2008-08-26 16:25:44

Carl-Peter Forster, head of GM Europe, confirmed that production start to the new model Opel Astra in the factory in Bochum, Germany, was delayed until 2010. The new generation of the Opel Astra model will be released on Mainland at the beginning of 2010 and available in several versions: hatchback ...

Opel OPC diesel

Relevance Score: 6.167    2007-07-10 13:47:33

OPC Series from Opel will have next year an engine adequate for its nice look. Opel producers want to put a bi-turbo diesel engine with 190 hp first on the Zafira OPC. ...

Opel Astra GTC Steinmetz

Relevance Score: 6.129    2006-12-06 12:30:46

Opel Astra GTC Steinmetz is a LPG concept. The most important change is a complete sequential LPG installation. From 240 hp has get 260 hp, now. The transmission was getting an improvement made by the company (Opel) ...

Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Opel Flextreme

Relevance Score: 5.911    2007-09-12 17:38:46

Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Opel Flextreme Opel, as a division of General Motors Group presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show the Flextreme Concept, a car that wants to send out less than 40 mg of carbon dioxide on km. The electrical vehicle, which made its debut yesterday at the IAA Frankfurt 2007, ...

Opel Insignia - Sport Package

Relevance Score: 5.746    2008-12-01 10:30:44

Although the Opel Insignia has been praised for it's inovative styling, the German tuning company Steinmetz believes that there's still room for lots of visual upgrades. The styling package from Steinmetz contains blacked-out frong grille, spoiler pack, tailpipes, body stripes, and 20-inch alloy wheels and a lowering kit. All these ...

Opel Astra OPC Nurburgring

Relevance Score: 5.694    2007-09-20 16:25:35

Opel presented, having the occasion of the OPC Race Camp, the limited edition Astra OPC Nurburgring, which can be distinguish by: ~ white paint, cu “race flag” drawn on the roof and on the hood; ~ bigger aileron; ~ carbon lateral mirrors; ~ accessories covered by carbon on which they put the circuit ...

Opel Corsa OPC / Vauxhall Corsa VXR

Relevance Score: 5.329    2007-03-04 00:38:04

Opel recently added a new member in the family. Opel Corsa OPC is the newest release and will be presented for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2007. The model can be included in the sport category for its appearance and its technical ...

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