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SEMA- photo gallery

Relevance Score: 7.950    2007-11-12 14:46:31

SEMA is the best U.S. Auto Show for tuning. On the end of every year, tuners around the world meet each other in Las Vegas to demonstrate how good they know to tune their cars and what improvements can bring. More than 100,000 tuning firms, from all continents shows their best and ...

US Sport Cars- Photo Gallery

Relevance Score: 6.862    2007-11-14 16:46:50

The American muscle car, a brand product seduces everybody, anytime. At the SEMA Tuning Show, Americans come with their best products in domain, muscle cars, a generic term for all American sport cars, reasonable, by price. What are the ingredients of a muscle car? The engine must be a V8, cc the higher, ...

The first Photo of Audi A5

Relevance Score: 6.833    2007-02-20 23:08:35

This is the first official photo of the brand new Audi A5 coupe. The new Audi A5 is the first car based on the new corporate platform from Audi, which promises better handling and a better ride than any of the previous Audi platforms. The name of the new Audi ...

McLaren’s MP4-12C Spider

Relevance Score: 5.178    2012-09-21 22:58:54

Pictures of McLaren’s MP4-12C Spider were made public. The car is identical mechanically to the recently updated MP4-12C Coupe and was fitted with a retractable folding metal hard top by the British supercar maker, that is unique to the vehicle and can fold away in under 17 seconds, according to McLaren. The ...

The New Porshce Boxster - Photo

Relevance Score: 5.097    2011-10-14 20:41:24

Good news concerning the new Porshce Boxster. The car has been spotted during a test drive in the daylight and without any camouflage. The picture is in fact a very good one that allows us to identify the car’s characteristics and features.  For instance, you can easily notice if paying ...

Yellow or Orange?

Relevance Score: 4.432    2007-11-01 17:38:02

Let me see... What do you prefer? Yellow or Orange? Which one do you like better? These two beautiful Camaros were presented at SEMA Show 2007. I like them both, but it seems that many participants were betting about which one is going to be the winner, concerning the color dispute! I want ...

BMW M1 Facelift

Relevance Score: 3.745    2008-05-06 19:54:40

BMW announced for a long time new and improved cars with totally different platform and performance. For a long time I've waited to see the new face of BMW, so I'm going to show you two photos of the new BMW M1. BMW only just revealed a spiritual M1-like show car ...

Lorinser managed to improve the new Mercedes C-Class

Relevance Score: 3.727    2007-03-22 23:28:04

Lorinser tuning team made the new C-CLASS to show its best qualities.The large air intakes in the fenders are the first to notice and allow the car to breath its performance and to look sporty.The contour of the entire car is defined by the technical lines of the side skirts.Another ...

392 Hemi Dodge Challenger Super Stock

Relevance Score: 3.574    2006-12-18 10:42:09

Based on the concept that will appear on public roads, the Americans have developed a race version, named 392 Hemi Dodge Challenger Super Stock, presented at SEMA tuning show. With this Dodge, its creators ...

Saab Turbo X, 2008

Relevance Score: 3.521    2007-09-10 18:44:09

Since there are 30 years from the introduction of the first model gifted with a turbocompressor, SAAB is presenting today, 11th of September, at Frankfurt Motor Show, SAAB Turbo X. The engine of this car is a 2.8 V6 Turbo, which can develop 280 hp and 400 Nm and transmits the ...

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