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Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Ssangyong Wz

Relevance Score: 9.574    2007-09-25 13:28:01

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2007 gave us the chance to admire first (in my opinion) Ssangyong which is really beautiful. Let me introduce you the Ssangyong Wz. Ssangyong Wz wants to be first sporty sedan of the mark, being apart from the 4x4, as a company brand. Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Ssangyong ...

Volkswagen Concept A

Relevance Score: 4.749    2007-07-19 11:24:23

Volkswagen Concept A was presented at 2006 Geneva Motor Show and is expected as a final product this year. Volkswagen Concept A seems to be like the Hyundai HCD-9 Talus Concept shown at January’s Detroit Show (in 2006). The different thing is that VW will put a vehicle similar to ...

Top 10 ugliest cars

Relevance Score: 4.715    2007-08-10 12:32:00

Enjoy Top 10 with the most ugliest cars ever! 1. Alfa Romeo SZ 2. Fiat Multipla 3. Peugeot 4007 4. Porsche Cayenne 5. Ford Scorpio 6. Gumpert Apollo 7. Kia Amanti 8. Ssangyong Rodius 9. Lancia Thesis 10. Pontiac Aztek [tags]cars,top cars,Alfa Romeo SZ,Fiat Multipla,Peugeot 4007,Porsche Cayenne,Ford Scorpio,Gumpert Apollo,Kia Amanti,Ssangyong Rodius,Lancia Thesis,Pontiac Aztek,ugliest cars[/tags]

Concept Cars Wallpapers

Relevance Score: 4.135    2007-09-04 15:23:59

Beautiful pictures with concept cars. Or, better said amazing wallpapers. ...

Saab Aero X Concept Car

Relevance Score: 4.123    2008-01-17 13:46:57

The GM Europe Advanced Design Team’s partnership with the Innovation Team proved to be the essential success factor in the design of the Saab AeroX Concept Car. Various key features were executed with professionalism that not only stole the show at Geneva 2006, but will inspire Saab products for generations ...

Carver Tilting System- A New Concept

Relevance Score: 4.079    2007-08-10 10:27:33

A New Concept In Motoring - Carver Tilting System An impressive and innovative concept for an automobile or cycle-car. It is very expensive, because it cost 40K Euros this Carver. The VentureOne is producing in USA using the Carver patent and cost $20K approximate. 100MPH and 100mpg hybrid. I would ...

MILA Alpin Concept

Relevance Score: 4.019    2008-08-06 20:31:40

Austrian company Magna Steyr will present a concept in Geneva called MILA Alpine, with an angle of attack of 45 degrees. Until today, the name Magna Steyr was known mainly because under this title plant produces several models in the world universally recognized as a BMW X3, Jeep Grand Cherokee ...

Yamaha Tesseract Concept

Relevance Score: 4.002    2007-10-29 17:46:32

The Tesseract Concept, from Yamaha (a brand known very well for its Motorcycle area) is a combination between motorcycle, bike and car and is made for all of us who prefer parking to be a piece of cake. This car will also be a hybrid, getting its power through a ...

Ferrari Dino Concept

Relevance Score: 3.940    2007-09-11 13:56:19

You can see the Ferrari Dino Concept video. It is presenting Ferrari Dino from many angles. Ferrari Dino Concept [tags]cars,Ferrari,car videos,Ferrari Dino,Ferrari Dino Concept,concept cars,video[/tags]

Pininfarina Cambiano - leak

Relevance Score: 3.908    2012-09-24 19:36:41

Since leakages are more and more spreaded, it was quite impossible for Pininfarina Cambiano  to get away so easy. The Cambiano is powered by batteries, a diesel-fueled turbine or both and propelled by an electric motor at each wheel. The car gives a maximum output equivalent to 816 horsepower and can sprint from 0-100 ...

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