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Bristol announced Fighter T is better than Bugatti Veyron

Relevance Score: 19.623    2006-11-10 16:17:43

Bristol Cars has managed to success for 60 years and now is coming with the new Fighter. A twin-turbocharged and intercooled engine, 8 litre, V10, a Bugatti Veyron beating 1012 bhp and 1036 lb/ft of torque… that’s for sure it’s outstanding! Bristol announced Fighter T is better than Bugatti Veyron Bristol claims ...

Clarkson says NO to USA

Relevance Score: 6.240    2007-07-26 12:44:33

It seems that Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) is much attached of the UK, so he refused to go to USA, although BBC had big plans to make an American series of Top Gear. The Americans wanted to make all 3 Top Gears presenters big stars, but Clarkson decided that he ...

Top 10 of world's fastest cars

Relevance Score: 6.016    2006-11-25 20:06:02

  I think it’s time for me to present you a new top with 10 of the fastest cars in entire world. And this top present only cars that are in production and there are ...

Top Gear: Dodge Charger

Relevance Score: 5.642    2007-09-13 10:30:45

Richard Hammond from Top Gear reviews his own Dodge Charger. This car is a great legend, don't you think? Great choice, Richard! Top Gear: Dodge Charger [tags]cars,Richard Hammond,Top Gear,Dodge,Dodge Charger,old cars,legend,choice,car videos[/tags]

Top Gear- Maybach 62

Relevance Score: 5.532    2007-09-12 08:04:06

Meet the new mother of limousines: The Maybach 62. The car costs £281,380, but before you rush out to buy one, it is better to watch Top Gear in action. That means that they have been testing the Maybach 62. At 250 km you can hear NOTHING! This is amazing! ...

Top Gear- Carver

Relevance Score: 5.387    2007-08-17 20:13:06

Top Gear is testing Carver, the 3 wheels vehicle. This is the future in cycles... or the future in cars?!? This is the question! [tags]cars,Top Gear,Carver,3 wheels,car videos,future[/tags]

300 MPH Jet Dragster

Relevance Score: 5.316    2007-08-27 11:25:36

This is a great video presenting Jessie Harris, from New York City. Jessie drives a 6,000 hp Jet Dragster. Her Dragster is powered by a Fighter engine. The race is down the quarter mile at 300 MPH! This presents an incredible speed and amazing experience for this remarkable woman, the Queen ...

Top Gear- Caparo T1

Relevance Score: 5.293    2007-09-05 21:37:37

Top Gear introduces the very road legal racing car the Caparo T1. It is a very short video where they present in a very funny way the Caparo T1. Great design, amazing engine 2.4 liters supercharged VA, 480 hp and weights half that the Ford Fiesta. It seems that is ...

Top Gear- Porsche Carrera GT

Relevance Score: 5.278    2007-08-28 17:55:19

This is the most exciting, the best looking, the most expensive and the fastest road going Porsche ever made. It’s called the Carrera GT. And Jeremy Clarkson it’s presenting it from a German point of view. Watch the video and you will find out what he discovered. Top Gear- ...

Driving on water

Relevance Score: 5.132    2007-08-13 11:21:01

If you think that driving on water is impossible... watch the video and convince yourself! For Top Gear team nothing is impossible! [tags]cars,Top Gear,car videos,driving on water[/tags]

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