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Official Photos with Toyota Hilux Facelift

Relevance Score: 18.086    2008-09-08 19:40:39

Official pictures of Toyota Hilux facelift were presented to the public, and the sales target for this model in 2009 is of 47,000 units. It was launched in Europe in 2005 and until now, Hilux model has become increasingly more popular and better sold, and last year recorded sales of ...

Dacia Logan Facelift

Relevance Score: 7.577    2008-05-07 19:22:02

Dacia Logan presented the changes that will make on the facelift version. It seems that Dacia has some problems with the internal security, because it doesn’t succeed to keep under secret the new models, versions and upgrades. Everybody is speaking about the facelift model of Logan, but, until soon nobody ...

BMW Z4 facelift

Relevance Score: 7.378    2007-10-03 11:32:10

A prototype or the BMW Z4 was spied on Munchen streets, although, initially, we though this European car is a model for a cabrio, which will compete with Mercedes SL. Z4 Cabrio facelift will be presented at Geneva Auto Show next year and will come to showrooms, in the second ...

Toyota RAV4 commercial

Relevance Score: 6.012    2007-08-28 07:00:16

Toyota RAV4- you would do anything to drive it! Toyota RAV4 commercial [tags]cars,commercial,Toyota,car videos,Toyota RAV4[/tags]

Toyota Prius- trendy ecologist

Relevance Score: 5.591    2007-07-17 12:38:15

This year, Toyota Prius first series hybrid, celebrates its 10 anniversary. Started in 1994, Prius project wanted to be the most ecologically engine. So, they have succeeded to reduce the consumption, only with an electrical engine. Although they didn’t succeeded from the beginning, in 1997 they’ve started the series production, ...

Toyota A-BAT Concept

Relevance Score: 5.460    2008-03-25 21:14:16

Toyota A-BAT Concept is a great compact pickup truck that combines a cab forward design with a rugged and bold style inspired by military vehicles with a roomy and versatile interior. Designers from Toyota declared that they were inspired by the look of a NATO all-terrain military truck when they ...

Toyota Supra drifting

Relevance Score: 5.301    2007-07-27 12:01:33

Incredible drifting made by Toyota Supra. [tags]cars,car drifting,Toyota,Toyota Supra,car videos[/tags]

The Subaru-Toyota for everybody!

Relevance Score: 5.177    2008-05-28 18:11:54

Subaru will sell on world markets all future models developed jointly with Toyota. Future model Subaru-Toyota is closer to launch. November news announces that the first model traction on the rear deck for Subaru will be sold throughout the world for them and only in Japan for Toyota. Latest rumors on ...

Toyota Prius self parking

Relevance Score: 5.032    2007-09-05 12:38:16

Using the latest Hybrid Synergy Drive, the clean and green Toyota Prius is perhaps a little too clever. Now it is great to use the self parking system, everywhere. This "system" should be use on all models, because we all know how hard is for some people to park in ...

Nissan Frontier vs. Toyota Tacoma

Relevance Score: 4.978    2007-08-22 19:57:58

This is an amazing video comparing 2 mid size trucks: Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma. Let’s see who have the supremacy in this field! Nissan Frontier vs. Toyota Tacoma [tags]cars,car videos,Nissan,Toyota,Nissan Frontier,Toyota Tacoma[/tags]

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