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2009 Acura NSX

Relevance Score: 7.568    2007-09-04 14:58:05

Spy video of the 2009, Acura NSX at Nurburgring, Germany. This video was realized by Inside Line. Enjoy! 2009 Acura NSX spy video [tags]cars,Acura,Acura NSX,2009,spy video,Inside Lane,Nurburgring,Germany,car videos[/tags]

Perfect Color for a Tuned Audi TT

Relevance Score: 7.120    2007-03-04 18:32:27

What's the perfect color for a tuned Audi TT ? Actually there are two colors, a two-toned paint job is great on any car, but on the new Audi TT the light blue mingles perfectly with orange. It also has orange on the rims. The other Audi TT painted whitish ...

Acura TL Aspec

Relevance Score: 6.316    2007-08-22 09:50:00

Engine: 3.2 litre V6 Power: 270 hp Year: 2005 There are not too many sedans which combine high performance and innovative technology with such a great harmony, as 2005 Acura TL did. Great performance is offered by its 3.2 liter TL, 270 hp, 24 valves, VTEC engine and four wheel independent double wishbone ...

Audi TT tuned like a R8

Relevance Score: 5.660    2007-03-11 01:55:49

This Audi TT has been tuned to look like an Audi R8. I'm not saying that this was a good thing or a bad one. I'm going to let you be the judge of this. I do have to say that the owner of this Audi TT has went through a ...

Honda NSX postponed

Relevance Score: 5.433    2007-07-26 12:58:30

Bad news from Honda! It seems that Honda decided to postpone its NSX Supercar, again! That, because they’ve decided to re-badge the new Supercar as an Acura, but the Acura brand (only American) isn’t being launched in Japan, until 2010. Takeo Fukui, the Honda CEO is concerned about the suitability ...

ART tuned a Mercedes GL

Relevance Score: 5.391    2007-04-20 00:22:04

ART tuned a Mercedes GL The german tuner concentrated on the looks of the GL class rather than its performance but minors power upgrades are now available for the big and luxury SUV.We must say that they had a hard time trying to make this car look better because Mercedes done ...

New Acura NSX Supercar Concept From Honda

Relevance Score: 5.352    2011-12-15 20:33:03

  It seems that Honda has finally decided to showcast its new supercar model, the new NSX at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show in January 2012. The next-generation Acura NSX supercar will be one of four all-new vehicles revealed by Honda next year.   Some background on Acura – it’s Honda’s upmarket wing ...

Porsche 997 Turbo tuned up by Rinspeed

Relevance Score: 5.118    2007-05-03 22:03:20

Porsche 997 Turbo tuned up by Rinspeed The Swiss tuner, Rinspeed didn't stoped as usuall to aerodynamic and visual tuning.They have made it all the way for this car, a power pack is now available for the 997 Turbo, called Porsche 997 Turbo Rinspeed Le Mans 600.The 3.6 liter engine developes ...


Relevance Score: 5.095    2007-08-24 12:48:14

This is my first session with cars wallpapers. Very interesting models, concepts and prototypes are here: Acura, Afla Romeo, Audi, Ascari, Aston Martin, BMW, Bentley. All these names are presented here. This will continue with much more pictures. Have fun and feel free to use them for your desktop! ;) ...

Car Tuning Show 2007 Pictures

Relevance Score: 4.555    2007-03-31 13:08:47

This is a short preview from a Car Tuning Show which takes place in Bucharest, Romania. Cool tuned cars and nice girls near by. [tags]car tuning, tuned cars, tuning show, car tuning show, tuned show, car pictures, tuned car pictures, pictures, car tuning photography, tuned cars photos, modified ...

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