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Hummer GT by Geigercar

Relevance Score: 8.931    2007-04-03 23:09:02

Hummer GT by Geigercar The german tuner, Geigercar managed to tune a Hummer H2 and they've called it the Hummer GT.Its big because its a Hummer, its powerful because its a Geigercar and most of all its mighty because its a tuned Hummer.The wheels used by the tuner are 30 inches ...

A Digg Hummer on My Street

Relevance Score: 8.139    2006-11-15 16:32:04

I was walking on the street with my Canon A620 and I saw it. A big yellow hummer... Not only he was yellow but also on the left door (right door how you look at the picture) I noticed the digg badge. So here it is, a $50,000 car with Digg ...

GM invests $73 million in Hummer H3T

Relevance Score: 8.090    2007-11-06 19:55:00

General Motors announced that will invest $73 million for developing the new model from Hummer family, called H3T. H3T it’s a light lorry, with generous charging space, not just a SUV with a bigger boot. Production will start until the end of the year, and the selling will be, earlier in ...

Hummer H2 SUT

Relevance Score: 7.843    2006-12-06 11:12:20

Hummer H2 SUT is very secure and it is full of good surprises. In this car, you can close your eyes and feel the road. A very aggressive design, an off-road car, the SUT handles it all! Hummer H2 SUT makes claming like a slow walk in a park. Nice! ...

Hummer H2- Santa's new carriage

Relevance Score: 7.534    2006-12-06 16:58:45

If you only read the title, you will think “Yeah, sure! Very funny!”. But, this is real! Look down to see and be amazed! :) Santa will ...

Hummer HX concept

Relevance Score: 7.462    2008-01-11 11:57:39

Hummer is proudly boasting that that HX concept is smaller than the new to our shores H3 model but at 81 inches wide, the go-anywhere HX would still find itself stymied by urban width-restrictors. The HX features a number of removable or changeable body panels to increase both its off-road ability ...

Hummer H2 – Geiger Ranger

Relevance Score: 6.772    2006-12-06 10:05:39

Hummer H2 – Geiger Ranger Let’s say that an American Sheriff has choose to catch the offenders in a Hummer H2, but, being unhappy of its performances, ...

Hummer H2 advertising

Relevance Score: 6.676    2006-11-30 16:50:35

Hummer H2 (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite car) … like nothing else! Great advertising. I love the video, because is a great compilation with many colors for Hummer H2. It’s short and presents everything it wants: strength, performance, power, aspect, etc. I let you to continue the list… Hummer H2 advertising [tags]cars,Hummer,Hummer H2,Arnold Schwarzenegger,car ...

Stars and their cars : Arnold Schwarzenegger

Relevance Score: 6.552    2006-11-29 19:43:06

A story about Arnold’s cars… Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hummer Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Governor of California :) is all the time associated with Hummer, an impressive USA car. First time when he decided to buy a Hummer was when he saw military jeep’s performances in 1991, in ...

Driving through water

Relevance Score: 6.253    2007-09-05 12:42:45

The best way to clean a Hummer involves driving through water. Or is better to drive under the water. :) Driving through water [tags]cars,driving,car videos,Hummer,water[/tags]

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