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Volkswagen Golf Twin Drive

Relevance Score: 8.012    2008-06-30 21:17:56

Volkswagen introduced a new hybrid technology that we see in a series. Volkswagen introduced the concept Golf Twin Drive which wants to join the constructors that bet on hybrid propulsion, as a future technology. The model presented by VW has the advantage that has an electric motor that can be downloaded from ...

TwinTech V-Twin Formula Car by Ariel

Relevance Score: 6.652    2007-04-03 21:45:09

TwinTech V-Twin Formula Car Its a car but its propulsed by a motor-cycle engine.This S&S V-Twin engine provides just 125 BHP but thanks to the light weight of the car its performance are incredible.This Ariel can go from 0 to 60 MPH in under 4.5 seconds and it can deliver forces ...

Saleen Twin Turbo

Relevance Score: 5.327    2007-04-14 14:51:01

Saleen Twin Turbo A supercar, the Saleen S7 now has the turbochargers!The result is 750 BHP.The car is the same since 2005, equiped with the big 7.0 V8 but now with two big superchargers.The wheels are new: 275/35 R19s up front and 335/30 R20s at the rear, replacing the 275/30 R19s ...

Motorcycles and Girls at Accessories and Motor Show

Relevance Score: 4.913    2008-04-21 19:23:01

If you like motorcycles and beautiful girls you have to make time to come to the Accessories and Motor Show in Bucharest, first motor show organized this year. It is not only about the motorcycles, because you can also admire ATV’s and snowmobiles. On this show many models and brands can ...

How to park your motor bike

Relevance Score: 4.812    2006-10-19 22:40:30

Here you can see the most inventive method to park a motor bike. Enjoy! How to park your motor bike How to park your motor bike [tags]motors,motor bikes,motor cross,videos[/tags]

Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Loremo

Relevance Score: 4.408    2007-09-19 11:20:10

You will understand much more about the car Loremo, which was presented at the IAA 2007. Just watch the video. Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Loremo [tags]cars,Loremo,IAA,Frankfurt Motor Show,car videos[/tags]

Jaguar XF

Relevance Score: 4.205    2007-09-16 20:18:53

Jaguar has unveiled the new XF at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this year. The Jaguar XF is due to be in showrooms in March 2008 and will be available from launch with a range of four engines, all featuring Jaguar's proven 6 speed automatic transmission, with steering wheel-mounted paddles for ...

Teaser For Turbocharged V8

Relevance Score: 4.130    2011-12-11 16:13:50

A teaser video for the new turbocharged 4.0 litre V8 was released by Bentley and it seems that the video is going to be showcased in full at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. A new Bentley driving experience is going to be offered by the stirring and thunderous sound of ...

Hodge Hawk Three-Wheeler Concept

Relevance Score: 4.093    2009-01-05 11:49:22

When you hear "New Zealand",  you practically hear "Lord of the Rings". A thing with an engine would be highly unlikely for you to think of. That's wrong, because Alex Hodge is out to change all that with his latest concept known as the Hodge Hawk. Alex Hodge desgned the Hodge ...

Saab Aero X Concept Car

Relevance Score: 4.050    2008-01-17 13:46:57

The GM Europe Advanced Design Team’s partnership with the Innovation Team proved to be the essential success factor in the design of the Saab AeroX Concept Car. Various key features were executed with professionalism that not only stole the show at Geneva 2006, but will inspire Saab products for generations ...

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