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Feel safety in Volvo XC60

Relevance Score: 7.465    2008-09-18 07:14:48

Volvo wants to adopt new strategy regarding the safety of its vehicles, so it will cut-price for its crossovers, which use new crash avoidance technology. If you buy a Volvo you can have a real surprise- an unexpected bonus that consists in a cut into the insurance premium. Volvo Australia announced ...

2008 Volvo S8

Relevance Score: 6.516    2007-10-16 22:23:44

The 2008 Volvo S80 was initially designed for 2007, but for 2008 we receive a net Turbo 6 cylinder engine. For the Turbo 6 engine, this model is with $10,000 less then BMW and Mercedes-Benz competition. This engine has 318 hp. Considering the price, the Volvo S80 has a luxury ...

The New Four-Door V30

Relevance Score: 6.075    2011-10-14 21:08:23

The expansion of the Volvo C30 range is still in process with the new four-door V30. The V30 is expected to rival the Audi A3 and recently revamped BMW 1 Series hatchback. So, you can easily start and make a sketch on how this car should look like in order ...

2008 Volvo V70

Relevance Score: 5.879    2007-03-22 00:47:39

Volvo V70 Volvo V70 Volvo unveiled its secret van at Geneva Motor Show.For the first time ever Volvo is using 3.2 liter inline-6 engine that will produce 235 BHP.The front of the all-new V70 incorporates a unique soft nose with a black egg-crate grille featuring chrome in the vertical bars.This ...

Fast Lane Daily Today News

Relevance Score: 5.737    2007-09-07 12:17:31

Volvo revealed a brand new hybrid concept and Porsche has a little “heat” to the Cayenne. These are the news from Fast Lane Daily, for today. The Volvo recharged is a plug-in hybrid concept car, which the company says it will travel with only 62 mph with the electric engine, ...

Volvo's T6 Roadster

Relevance Score: 5.719    2008-11-12 12:35:02

Looking as just arrived from the future, Volvo's hotrod is based on Volvo components with a twin turbocharged 2.9 liter inline 6-cylinder borrowed from an S80. The engine in being placed in the back, just behind the supportive leather bucket seats that were also took from a Volvo S80. To ...

Volvo's 80 80th Anniversary.

Relevance Score: 5.576    2007-04-03 18:25:27

Volvo Logo Volvo, that translates in latin like : "I roll".Volvo will celebrate its 80th anniversary in New York this week. Volvo factory This car brand its known in the entire world not for its beatiful cars, or cheap, or expensive but for the safety of its cars.The first car that they produced ...

Volvo Ford Locus

Relevance Score: 5.530    2007-07-23 14:47:02

It seems that Ford has sold its Volvo division. Interesting video made by Top Gear. [tags]cars,car videos,Top Gear,Ford,Volvo[/tags]

Crash test

Relevance Score: 4.931    2007-09-28 12:53:09

Volvo versus Renault in an impressive crash test! Which one will be better after the crash test? Would a small modern car survive an impact from older heavier car? This is really more of a test of old technology versus new technology. If you take two modern cars and repeat ...

13 Most Lucky Cars in The World

Relevance Score: 4.510    2006-11-06 16:37:08

Even if the number 13 means something bad usually, for these cars is one lucky number. This is a top of the most beautiful cars in the world made by the Italians. You will observe that for Italians the most important part of a car is the design. Although the Germans are ...

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